How to View Message Requests in Facebook Lite on Android - Very Easy

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Le requests for messages are a security measure that the company took several years ago and there is always the general option to accept or decline all applications for Facebook. In any case, there are many circumstances in which we are interested in knowing the content of the messages that enter this list, today you will learn how to access them.

What are Facebook Message Requests?

Facebook is an application that takes it very seriously user privacy. This has been seen very clearly in recent times in relation to the actions taken by the company. It is before this that so-called message requests arise.

Facebook messaging applications are just messages hidden from the application, in most cases this is because they are people that they don't have on your friends list, but while we may decline all friend applications, Message Requests do not have that option. Likewise, consider that Facebook usually posts messages on this list when it thinks they are Spam or could be harmful.

Even so, if you want to know where these messages are stored, because you are interested in seeing this information on Facebook Lite, we recommend that you read the following guide.

How to View Message Requests in Facebook Lite on Android - Very Easy

The differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite are remarkable, but the light version of the App is undoubtedly one of the most popular applications of the company, mainly because almost all the functions present in the full or desktop version are obtained in lower weight. However, for some, some actions can be complicated.

In case you wish see message requests on Facebook Lite and you don't know how to do it, don't worry, we have prepared a simple guide with which you can access this information very easily:

  1. For the Facebook Lite app, the process of viewing message requests is fairly straightforward. First of all, what you should do is open the application, in case you do not have to start the session, provide your data and log in.
  2. When you are inside the application, click Messenger icon which you will find at the top of the screen.
  3. The different options related to the messaging application were shown. There you will find Requests for new messages. Clicking this option because there are message requests other people have made to your account.

How to view message requests in Messenger Lite on Android

Messenger Lite is one of the most downloaded applications by Facebook users, since with it you have all the options present in the full Messenger application with very little weight. Also with this application you can view additional information, such as message requests or filtered messages.

    1. In case you have the Messenger Lite application, the first thing to do is Open the App.
    2. Once in the application, click on the Settings button located at the top right of the screen.
    3. Almost in the center you will find the option Message requests, tap on it.
    4. Any message requests that have been made for your account will be displayed on the screen. Likewise, you will find the section Filtered requests, which are what Facebook classifies as Spam and appears hidden.

And so you will be able to view message requests on Facebook Lite without any problems, on the other hand, if you have problems with strangers on the platform, remember that you can stop receiving friend requests from strangers on Facebook, protecting your account from unwanted people.

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