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By viewing Instagram Stories, the user finds out who has seen them. Therefore, here you will learn how see Instagram stories without them noticing. 

Without a doubt, this update on its platform has been satisfactorily received, many consumers of this social network appreciate the possibility of being able to post interesting or funny moments. Therefore they shouldn't commit to leaving a post permanently on their profiles or risk saturating their followers' feed.

And while most users enjoy watching the stories published by others , many would like to do it without the post owner knowing they have seen them. Let's see how to do it.

What do you need to see Instagram Stories without them noticing?

Instagram offers its users the opportunity to know, not only who comments or likes a publication, it also allows them to know who has seen it, in the case of stories. That's why every time you open one, your user will appear in the story owner's view list.

Today there are several methods, tools and applications a disposition of consumers who allow access to information without being detected by other users.

Both to protect their privacy and out of curiosity, many people have sometimes thought they saw a story published without others noticing.

In this case, you need to install an application on your mobile Android that can help you reach the goal.

The Story Saver application for Instagram, available on Android's Google Play. Whose main function is to download photos and videos posted in the stories of your followers on your mobile device, it will be very useful in this case. Watch this step by step we teach you here to learn how to view Instagram Stories without her noticing.

Although it is necessary to keep in mind that in order to download content from Instagram you must always have the consent of the owner of the content you are about to download.

Step 1: Enter the Play Store

Google provides Android users with the digital application delivery platform of Google Play Store. By accessing it from an Android device, you can browse and download a multitude of applications, games, music, movies and books. In this shop you will find what you need.

To access it, you just need to enter the application menu of the device Android and click the Play Store icon.

Step 2: find and install the "Story Saver for Instagram" application

Once inside the shop, type in the search bar Story Saver per Instagram. By clicking on the name that appears in the list, the menu will open.

Once inside the menu, application is downloaded by clicking on the green button «Install», in this way the necessary permissions are given to the device to be able to start downloading the necessary files.

Step 3: Log into Story Saver

With the application installed on your device, it opens for enter using the data of the Instagram account from which you want to see the stories.

Step 4: Watch Instagram Stories

After logging in with your Instagram data, a list with the published stories available in the feed. By holding your finger on the desired story, it will start playing.

This way you can see the instagram story without the user who published it being notified of the new view.

When you log back into Instagram from the application itself, you will see that the stories continue in your feed as if no the had may views. That is, you can continue enjoying the stories posted by your followers without being notified of your view.

While technically you are not doing anything wrong, because you are only viewing a story as you would from the Instagram application itself, using applications integrated with others can come with some dangers and is not highly recommended.

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