How to view and comment on the YouTube app? | Android or iOS

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Whether the device has an iOS operating system or an Android OS, the official application works in a similar way, so seeing or commenting will be the same.

Where do I see comments in the YouTube app?

Although comments are visible on the web, when using the YouTube mobile app, the their location can be a bit more confusing.

And while there's nothing exciting about it, some users haven't thought about or found this section. Therefore, you may think that it is disabled.

What they don't know is that it's a little easier than watermarking YouTube videos and it doesn't take too long.

Well, the one thing that needs to be done to log in or be able to view comments in this app you start by running it.

Next, and after logging in (if necessary), the video where you want to see the comments will open.

Next, you can see that the title and information are under it and next to that there will be a small arrow that is usually thought to be for comments.

Well, that's not it. This arrow will exhibit alone the description and other data that the author has the opportunity to include in his video.

And just below that, the list and shortcuts to other similar content or recurring view will begin, where thumbnails and names are displayed.

Now, to be able to see the comments in the YouTube app from any computer, you just have to scroll the view to the end of the recommended videos.

The comments are useful for having a final estimate of who watches the videos on YouTube. A useful tool to get an idea of ​​the channel being managed.

In this way comments that have been made on the publication in question will appear and there will be no problems viewing them.

If, on the other hand, you don't see comments, it's probably because no one has posted any yet, or because they have been disabled for posting.

How do I make a comment?

As in the previous case, you need to log in to the YouTube app on your mobile device and start the session.

Next, you will need to search and click on the video you want to comment, so that it appears. Likewise, we will look at the audiovisual material, as well as the title and description below, followed by the recommended options.

Well, to be able to make a comment, you must first access their section. Which is achieved by looking down to after the content of the suggestion.

When the comments are found, there will be two ways to proceed. The first is to respond to a comment that someone else has already made.

Consequently, you will have to click on the message you want to reply to, to which the writing box will be displayed and only writing and publication will be carried out.

On the contrary, if you want to make a separate comment, that is, a new one. You just have to find and select the mode " Add a public comment «.

This button will be blue, and in the same way will allow the user to write the desired message and then be able to publish it. Also, and as in the previous case, if the comments for the video have not been disabled, but there are none, we may be the first to comment.

As we have already said, this way of commenting in the YouTube App is applicable to different devices, be they Android or iOS, whether they are smartphones or tablets.

What we recommend is keep the application in question always in the latest update presented by the developers, to avoid possible failures due to compatibility.

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