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The Instagram profile photo is very important because in a way it is the first contact people have with you. That is why many times we want to see it bigger and, if possible, and depending on who the photo is, we would like to save it.

We always thought we would see these large photo it was impossible, however, believe it or not, thanks to technology you can do almost anything. Since we have always liked to help you below, we show you what you need to do in order to see them.

We will show you the web pages you need to log in to do this and you will realize how simple it is, read on and decide which one to use.

Steps to see a great Instagram photo

On more than one occasion we wished we could have seen one great instagram photo, but no matter how much we click on it, we haven't been able to. However, this is behind me because if you follow the steps we are going to give you below, not only will you be able to see them big, you will also be able to download them:

  • Enter the browser you use frequently on your mobile and enter »«.
  • Once inside, type in the search bar the name of the Instagram user whose profile picture you want to see and press «Search».
  • You will see that user's large profile picture, you can download it by pressing «Download profile picture». You can also do this by clicking on the photo with the right mouse button and selecting "Save image as" and that's it.

As you will see, it is very easy to see a great Instagram photo by following these steps and the best part is that it comes at no cost. Also, you will be able to view any photo, regardless of whether that person follow you or not and even if his account is private you can do it too and not only can you download his profile picture but you can also save and download photos, stories and videos from Instagram.

Also, it's good that you know that this isn't the only website you can use to see these photos in style. That's why below, get to know the other websites you can use to see your profile photo and decide which of them you like best. You can also easily download IGTV videos to your mobile and share them with your friends.

Other websites to see a great Instagram profile photo

Even though we didn't know it until now, they are many web pages that allow us to see the photos of the Instagram profile in style. In addition to what we have mentioned above, you can also use the ones we will mention below:

Instagram profile picture downloader

As in the previous one, access your mobile browser and write the name of this website. Upon entry, you must indicate the username of the user whose photo you want to see and when note, it will appear automatically and it will give you the ability to view and download.


In this the procedure is the same, you have to write the name of the website in your browser, but when you enter the name of the user you have to press «View image ". In this case, the profile photo immediately appears in large size and also gives you the option to download it.

gram photo

You must perform the same login procedure as the previous ones, except that once you have written the name user click on "Send". Automatically when the full size photo appears, it will give you the "Save" option and you will also see the ones that have been searched recently.

As you will see, you have several options for being able to see one great photo of Instagram profile, you just have to decide which one to use. The important thing is that each of them will work perfectly for you and you will be able to see the photo as you want it in full size. Also if you want you can change the profile photo on Instagram.

If you've already seen the big ones Instagram profile photo of your friends, leave us a comment and invite more people to read our blog. You may also be interested in learning about this topic: How can I use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on my mobile without installing the app.

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