How to video record a PowerPoint presentation

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So obviously the first step is to create our presentation. In the process we will have to put and configure the margins in Power Point, maybe we should copy and paste a PowerPoint background from another presentation, or we also want to insert a Google Maps location or map in Power Point. The important thing of the case is that the presentation is over.

Now, once your presentation has been assembled, you want to record a video of the presentation with the slides in PowerPoint. How to do it? Today we will teach you through a simple step by step, don't get unstuck and keep reading this post.

Can you record a video in a PowerPoint presentation?

The answer is a resounding yes, but how do you do it? We'll see later.

  1. You need to insert the slides PowerPoint previously prepared .
  2. So you have to find yourself at the top under the title «slideshow »Enter by clicking.
  3. Then you will find an option titled “record presentation” and proceed to click on this option. Something very important that you have to take into account is that everything you say or explain is already activated by this tool if it is recorded, executed and click on «start recording».
  4. Already in the previous step a small window will appear with which spends time, already at this moment you have started recording your presentation and you can start your explanation.

How do I know if my PowerPoint presentation has been recorded correctly?

  1. First you have to go to the bottom of the screen where it says «slide show» and once, when you click there, the whole slide will be shown as a video.
  2. Now you have to save your presentation, for this you have to click at the top where it says "file", then where it says " save as «.
  3. In this step you will see another window with the folders of your PC, you have to select the option to save in "Windows Media video", select the folder to save and press "save".
  4. This will create the video as well you can use it whenever you want.

How can I convert my PowerPoint slides to video?

Another very useful tool that we can get along with Power point is to convert all of our slides to video. Let's see how it's done below.

  • First open your slide, then go to the menu that appears at the top «File». Then enter " save and send «.
  • An option will then appear where it says " create a video »And click there.
  • While you are there you will find yourself on the right side of the option " pc screen and high definition ". When you open this option, you will simply choose the size and definition of your video, choose the one that suits you best.
  • Then they will appear 3 options in the box next; the first "do not use narrations or intervals" a very useful option if your slide has no animations of any kind. Next is the "use recorded narrations and intervals" option which is commonly used if your slide has animations. Later, if you open the option "record intervals and narrations" you will be able to narrate your presentation. Choose the option best suited to you.
  • Then at the bottom you have to click on the button " Create video «, Finally choose in which folder to save your video presentation.
  • It's ready! This way you have converted your PowerPoint presentation to video.

As you can see, this wonderful tool is very easy to use. Do not stop trying it and be the sensation with your slides when explaining a certain topic, we hope that the information provided are very useful.

Don't forget to leave your comments on what you think about this post and how it has helped you, likewise share it so that others can benefit too. Success in your presentation.

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