How to verify or track a money transfer with MoneyGram - Step by step

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MoneyGram is a money remittance agency that allows di carry out transfers of money from various agencies or banking entities globally. Furthermore, one of the features most appreciated by MoneyGram users is the ability to keep track of shipments made. Likewise, you can track orders on AliExpress.

This way, you can not only check the status of the money sent if you sent it, but you can also track the status of the shipment if you are the recipient of the delivery. This way you will always be updated on the status of your transaction. For this reason, we will show you step by step an easy way to verify or track a money transfer with MoneyGram.

What is the MoneyGram company?

Company whose main function is to send money. These functions are basically divided into two categories which are: global transfers of funds and the creation of financial paper products.

Also, this money transfer service offers this option to more than 200 countries around the world. Similarly, it is possible to make these deposits with different banking entities.

On the other hand, one of the favorite features of MoneyGram users is that this agency allows you to withdraw cash up to ten minutes after the sender has made the transfer. 

However, if the money was sent for a deposit to a bank account, it may be required a few hours or up to a day to be effective. Well, you have to consider the internal working method of each particular country and bank.

In this way, users point out that this agency works similar to sending money in PayPal. However, in order to use this service you need to check if the bank you are affiliated with meets MoneyGram requirements.

How to verify or track a money transfer from MoneyGram if I am the sender?

MoneyGram offers its users the opportunity to monitor a money transfer. So, if you are the one who sent the money into MoneyGram, you just need to log into your account with this agency and review your transaction history. To use this option you must have an active MoneyGram account.

Also, another option for verifying a transfer in MoneyGram is to hold trace of this transfer. To do this, you must have at your disposal the reference number that appears on the receipt of the transfer you made.

However, if you don't have it, you can use the series of eleven numbers that appear on the physical payment order form, in case you haven't gotten a receipt. Also, you have to enter your surname and then select the "Track Money Order" option on the MoneyGram page.

Finally, the options for check your transaction history and the "Track money order" option are the most used to track money transfers to MoneyGram. They are also as easy to use as the options to track a buy or sell in Mercado Libre.

How to verify or track a money transfer from MoneyGram if I'm the recipient

Money Gram works similar to AirTM when sending money to any country. However, on MoneyGram the transactions DON'T are always immediate. So knowing how to track or verify a money transfer from this agency is very helpful.

This way, the first option MoneyGram offers you to check the status of a money transfer is Tracking it. To do this, the person who sent you the money must provide you with the receipt number they have. 

Next, you need to enter your surname and then select the "Track money order" option. This way you will check the status of the shipment that was made to you on the agency page, even without having an active account in it.

Another option you can apply is to contact a local MoneyGram agent, in case they have sent you a physical zip code in so that you can receive the money at an authorized agency. this way you can check with them the status of your money transfer in MoneyGram.

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