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To obtain verification of Instagram ITA we have several options and we take into account that it is not so easy to obtain it because you have to enter a lot of personal data inside and others that this social network asks us to do.

If you have a Facebook account, we need it verified as best as possible, because it would help us verify Instagram as they are related, this can be good for get verification.

What do you need to verify an Instagram account?

  • Single account, i.e. having only one account per person or create an account for a company.
  • Do not insert links to websites or other social networks within Instagram and in particular in the description of our profile.
  • You must not submit fake account documentation from to verify.
  • It must be a public profile.

Some of the requirements to consider if you want to verify your account Instagram ITA, because otherwise you will not be able to have this verification active in your profile as you do not comply with its terms and conditions.

How to verify my Instagram account? Step by step.

  1. First we need to enter the platform Instagram ITA from our mobile device. If you haven't installed it yet, you can download Instagram from the Play Store.
  2. In our profile, we will look for the option "Configuration" to enter the menu where we can request verification.
  3. Entering this menu we will find the button «Request verification» which will direct us to another section where we will see how to proceed to do so.
  4. We enter the menu to request verification of our Instagram, it will ask us for personal data to initiate the request.
  5. To get started, enter your username as it is in our profile, as well as the account holder's first and last name, a category and aliases within Instagram ITA.
  6. You will also ask us to attach a photograph of our ID, ID card or whatever you use in your country to identify you.
  7. A category in which you would enter your social profile, you can choose from several that are presented to you in a menu of options.
  8. Subsequently, our verification has been submitted for review and we will be waiting to accept or reject it.

Consider to get the badge on Instagram

It is important to know that it is not that easy for Instagram to verify our profile, we must have a linked account to something special within the community of this social network.

It is not so important that ours has many followers or publications, this will not be relevant to the social network. The important thing is that your profile has been shared a lot, there are interactions with other users, the content is interesting for the community of Instagram in general.

Accounts must be unique, per person we have the right to verify a single account with the same identity data. If it were a brand of clothing, food, entertainment and more, there is a special permission to verify more than one account, but again, only in special cases of recognized brands.

Se Instagram ITA does not approve your request, you can try again in the future with more information or perhaps by changing some points of your profile that can make your account more professional or personalized.

This article taught you step by step how to verify my Instagram account in minutes and advice so that your Instagram account is accepted without problems, if you want more Instagram guides look no further, stay on this website where you can also learn how to put the countdown sticker on Instagram in just a few steps.

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