How to verify and add a Blogger webpage or blog to Search Console

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In addition to performing this analysis, with this tool it is also possible to perform various optimization steps with which you can improve your positioning on the WEB.

However, it is important that you know that in order to perform all these options and steps, there are several instructions that need to be performed within the Google Search Console once new websites have been created.

What are the requirements to use Search Console?

The first thing you should do before you can add your website to Search Console is to make sure you meet these set of requirements:

  • To begin with, your website must be published on server and it must be accessible to the public on the Internet. If it is inside a computer or, failing that, it is still being tested, this cannot be verified.
  • However, if your page has just been published, it may be the same work keep you waiting for 48 or 72 hours.

Likewise, it is possible for any user to access your website without the need to use any type of password. This is because all those pages that need to log in to access their content don't have the option to be indexed by Google.

What is the procedure for adding your website to Search Console?

If you want to start the process of adding a property in Search Console, follow these steps:

Start by clicking on the drop-down menu that you will find on the right in the property selector, located in the upper left corner. You can find it like this on any page of the Google Console:

  • Here you have to press the button " + Add property «
  • Within the options panel that you will find there, you just have to choose what type of property you want to add it will be.
  • Next, you need to proceed to verify that you are the owner of said page.
  • It is important that you know that every time you verify a property, an email will arrive in your inbox containing a series of instructions with which you can begin to improve your presence in the web searches.

What are the types of properties in Search Console?

If you are looking to verify a property with yours account Google Search Console and you are also looking to prove that you are the owner, you can do this through the following options:

  • Domain (which must be complete)
  • Code number dell’URL is the one defined from the beginning of the path of your page.
  • When you have verified the complete domain, you will have the possibility to manage all the subdomains you have of your web page together, in the same way as all those protocols HTTP e HTTPS

However, when the different URL prefixes are checked, the give they will see will be counted separately and you will be able to view them as follows:


How is a domain verified in Search Console?

To carry out this verify, it is important to consider the following steps:

  • All subdomain URLs must have the appropriate protocols, including http and http together
  • Verifica DNS
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