How to use your mobile phone or tablet as a second PC monitor via USB

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This would be a really great thing, have another screen in where you can play your music videos or watch series and movies. Also to chat with your friends from different social networks, write school notes, in short, it will always be useful to have an extra space on the screen, using both devices at the same time and using the mouse.

The compatibility between our devices such as PC, Tablets or mobile phones, we have already checked it and they work very well. Of course, there can always be unexpected bugs that we can quickly fix.

Like when we have the problem when you connect the mobile to the PC and it does not recognize my mobile, it just charges, this is something we have already learned to solve.

How to use my mobile phone or tablet as a second PC monitor via USB

There are several applications on the market that will offer you to have your mobile or tablet as an extra screen for yours PC. These are available for Android, iOS, and Windows or Mac operating systems.

So being able to extend your computer screen is at your fingertips and then we will recommend the most interesting to you.

First of all, if you are using an Android mobile device, a great option is Splashtop Wired XDisplay. It is very popular and widely used and has less risk of suffering from incompatibility between mobile phones and PCs.

And it offers versions to download, both for Mac and Windows systems, so you will have no problem using it.

The connection must be made via a USB cable and then in this simple way and hoping not to have compatibility problems.

You will be able to enjoy another screen that will work perfectly with your personal computer. This application puts the free version in your hands and will allow you 10 minutes of use to check if it works without problems.

Tips for using my mobile phone or tablet as a second PC monitor via USB

Then simply if you want you can get the paid version, but in reality its cost is very affordable. Now we are going to recommend an application that works with iOS operating systems and is the most used by its users.

Although there is a version for Android systems, the App is called Duet Display and it will work both as an add-on screen and to extend the PC screen.

It is compatible with Windows 10 operating systems and Mac Mojave systems and above, although its functionality is great, it is not free and you will not know whether or not it is compatible with your mobile until you purchase it. If it is not compatible, you must return the App and Google will take care of refunding you.

spacedesk is another alternative you can use to have an extension of your screen or duplicate it, but it is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

It's free and it will not show you advertisements and it is in its old version. Its connection is via WiFi, which makes it a little unstable, but you won't lose anything if you put it to the test to see how it works for you.

These are the tips we can give you so that you can enjoy the screens of your mobile or tablet and you can make an extension or duplicate the screen of your personal computer.

As time is very easy and you just have to use the appropriate application for use my mobile phone or tablet as a second PC monitor via USB.

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