How to use two WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook accounts? | Clone Android app

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What can be done to clone applications?

There are currently  some devices that allow cloning of applications as an integrated feature, especially those that have Double Sim technology.

But there is also a solution for those who don't have this default functionality, there are applications that provide a solution to this need.

Check if your phone doesn't clone apps by default

Some Smartphones such as Huawei, Samsung, Redmi, Xiaomi, among others, have the ability to clone apps such as WhatsApp, generally these devices have Double Sim technology.

Therefore, the developers have included this quality so that two WhatsApp accounts can be used on the same device.

Activating it is very simple, if you have a Huawei device, go to " Settings ", go up " Applications "And search for" Twin App ”, Once activated you can choose which apps will be cloned.

At Samsung you have to find the function " Dual Messaging ", You just have to use the search engine that has the section" Settings »Integrated, in Redmi and Xiaomi you can do the same, the only different thing is that you have to search" Double applications ".

This way you avoid downloading third-party applications to do something your phone has as a factory-supplied function.


Use an app

Regardless of whether your phone has app cloning or not. Sometimes it is preferable to download an app that allows you to clone games or applications that require an active session.

Among the best for this task is ParallelSpace, this app developed for Android, has millions of downloads from the Play Store.

With the ability to clone games like Clash of Clans o Clash Royale, this app allows you to clone pretty much any app that deserves a unique user.

In this way, it has grown to the point of being able to download via the Play Store and has a great position within the range of recommended apps. The best thing è and it's completely free.

Why clone apps?

Some users deserve the use of two accounts for the same application. If we take into consideration messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram or social networks like Facebook, we will see that a Sometimes a second account is needed.

Ora c'è need to separate personal life from work a little. For this reason, many employees want to be able to have an alternative number for their company, but sometimes having two mobile phones is very expensive.

For this reason, these apps have been developed that allow you to manage two accounts on the same device, reducing the risk of losing other equipment.

Therefore, more and more users are using these kinds of apps which are not very harmful for the device.


Some advices

It is very important that when you do they use two accounts of an application take into account what you are doing and that you are doing it in the correct account.

We also recommend if you use this type of app to manage space which can mean a copy of an app, double the data, double the memory occupied.

Another tip we offer you is to use Google Drive to back up your chats.

Since you will be working with two WhatsApp accounts, you may be interested in knowing how to disable pop-up notifications.

Likewise, we encourage you to use the most recognized apps if possible to prevent your data from being compromised.

Finally, we hope this tutorial will be of great help to you and that you can clone applications in the easiest way based on your device and its capabilities.

WhatsApp also has many privacy options that would also help keep your conversations safe, such as setting passwords for conversations or preventing them from accessing your data when you talk to someone.

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