How to use two Twitter accounts on the same mobile - Step by step

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There is also the possibility that you work as Community Manager of a company and you must have the company's Twitter account open on your mobile. But how to do in this case, so as not to have to open and close accounts on your mobile?

Well, there are ways to use two Twitter accounts on the same mobile. The process is very simple, you just have to follow a few simple steps.

To perform this procedure you will only need the official twitter application. It allows you to manage two or more accounts, so you can use multiple profiles from your mobile without having to log out every time you go to use a different user.

Having two Twitter accounts on the same Android mobile

To use two Twitter accounts on the same mobile, we will not have need to resort to additional applications because Android devices allow us to synchronize multiple Twitter accounts on the same terminal.

The first thing to do is enter regularly a Twitter. Once you are logged in and you will be able to see the tweets of the people you follow, you have to click on the button with i three vertical dots which opens the options menu.

When the menu appears, you will need to select the account option and all accounts open so far on your mobile device will be displayed. We will have to select the option manage accounts and in the menu that will open we will have to search and press the option add account.

Create a new additional Twitter account on your mobile

If you don't have an account and you want create one again, you can use the option for create an account. To create a new account, the first thing to do is provide the username it will have.

The next thing will be to add a phone number where an SMS will come with which we can validate the account. After providing the confirmation key, we will need to add a key to our account with which we can log in and an email.

And voila, once you have a username that doesn't exist, you can create an additional Twitter account on your mobile. The only thing left to configure in the account are the interests (Media, athletes, models, politicians, players) and the profile photo.

This way you will have two activated accounts and operating on the same phone. Now you just have to go to the menu in the top corner and select the accounts and switch between them as desired.

The big advantage is that the Twitter application will inform the user of all notifications arriving in both active accounts on mobile, so that we will always be aware of everything that happens in our accounts, even if we have one open.

Besides that, notifications are separated by account as the application identifies and separates each notification by account.

It should be noted that we can disconnect from any account at any time. If we do, we will stop having the Twitter account on our phone; however, the account will continue to exist, but not we will receive more notifications related to that account. Even if you can deactivate or delete a Twitter account permanently, if you want.

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