How to use the "Who I look like" filter on TikTok

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If you upload videos to TikTok, I'm sure you would like to know how to use filters to make your content more suggestive and more entertaining. And it is that in The Green Android we have already taught you some tricks, for example: how to change the backgrounds in the videos, put the profile photo transparent or even how to put the clips in slow motion. Today though, we're going to add to this list as we'll teach you how use the "Who looks like me on TikTok" filter, in this way you will be able to give your creations a very original effect, let's see what it consists of.

What is the Tik Tok filter of «Who do you look like»?

It is a filter that allows you to change your face to that of other people you look like with a morphing effect. It basically consists of previously downloading the photo of another person with whom we have some resemblance and then applying this filter so that TikTok changes our face for the individual it supposedly resembles.

How to use «Who do you look like» filter in Tik Tok step by step 2022

  1. The first thing we have to do is enter the application and click on «Trends».
  2. This will take us to a screen with the creations that are trending topic on TikTok, well, once inside we will have to select the «Search» section (located at the top of the screen).
  1. In "Near" we write the name of the filter which is called "Who looks like me" (without quotes).
  2. We will see below a series of videos that use this same effect (we will select one).

How to put who do I look like filter on TikTok Easy and fast 2022

In this screen we will see a video where this effect is applied, we will only have to select the name "Who looks like me" which is located as a label in the lower left part of the screen.

Here we can add this TikTok effect to favorites or if we want we can apply it to a photo by pressing the red icon at the bottom of a camera.

Soon after, the front camera of our Smartphone will start pointing at us and that's when we'll have to add who you look like filter in Tik Tok as shown in the picture.

How does the Who do I look like filter work in Tik Tok 2022?

It should be noted that you must first download a photo of a person who has characteristics similar to yours. In my case, I searched for a photo of actor Bruce Willis (yes I know he doesn't look like me at all but he is bald like me). Once you have the photo of the other person you look like, select it in the gallery.

Now you'll see how to start a video with an animation that ends up transforming your face into that of the other person we selected earlier… it's very original and fun!

And it's so that you use the «Who do I look like» Tik Tok filter, don't forget to comment this tutorial if you have any questions, I also remind you that you would help me a lot if you share this post with your friends and relatives through your social networks.. Thank you very much!.

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