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One of the few WhatsApp feature coming to Android even though it was available on IOS it was «swipe to reply». Fortunately we can already enjoy this option from the version  2.18.300 Beta of the application, let's see what it consists of.

What is the swipe to reply option in WhatsApp for?

This function starts from the following premise… «speed» and that is that this option could not be more intuitive and simpler. Since that will allow us to reply to any WhatsApp message by simply swiping it. Here you have a gif to make the concept clearer.

How to use SWIPE TO REPLY in WHATSAPP 2022

The first thing you should know is that to use the feature «swipe to reply» you must have the version  2.18.300 Beta of the app. 

Download the latest version

You can download WhatsApp from the previous link, this way you can download the latest beta. You also have the option to install the official Play Store application from here and wait for them to incorporate the feature «swipe to reply» in next weeks.

Using Swipe to reply on WhatsApp

The first thing we should do is go to a conversation (in a group or privately). Once inside, we select the message we want to reply to and lo let's make swipe slightly to the right.

A window will appear where we can leave the reply to that specific WhatsApp.

We press send and voilà, we will have already used the function «slide to reply on WhatsApp», as you can see it's very simple.

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I hope this example clarified for you how the "swipe to reply" option works in WhatsApp. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer them. You have at your disposal all the social media buttons to share this content, thank you very much.

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