How to use the Rotate Object tool in Adobe Illustrator - Step by step

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Adobe Illustrator is a computer application dedicated to editing and designing graphics. It is oriented towards the artistic creation of drawing and painting for illustration.

You can get it with a free Adobe Illustrator trial offered from its official website. IS a simple application and in this article you will learn how to use the "Rotate Objects" tool in Adobe Illustrator.

What is Adobe Illustrator and what is it for?

Adobe Illustrator was launched in early 1987 and has been one of users' favorite graphic design and drawing tools ever since.

While it is primarily geared towards working with vectors, you can also perform endless tasks within the application such as creating shapes with the shape builder tool, drawings, drawings, illustrations, animations, logos, create or design flat style icons, among others.

One of the biggest benefits of working in vector is that every time you zoom in or out on the image or design, it doesn't lose its quality, so it's an essential program for professional graphic designers.

How to use the Rotate Objects tool in Adobe Illustrator?

This tool allows the object to rotate around a fixed point which, by default, is the center of the object. However, if you have multiple objects, they will all revolve around a single center point you have chosen.

So, if you want to modify the resulting drawing of the object individually and to your liking, as well as having each rotate around its own center point, you have to use the "Transform individually" function.

It is not a diversi modi per rotate an object. Here you will learn a few step by step based on what you want to do.

Step 1: Rotate an object using the bounding box

To do this, you just need to select objects, use the tool "Selection", move the pointer out of a bounding box and near a bounding box handle, and then drag it.

Step 2: Rotate an Object with the Free Transform Tool

Select the object or objects and the «Free Transform» tool. Then place the pointer somewhere outside the frame and when the pointer changes shape, drag it.

Step 3: Rotating an Object with the Rotate Tool

Select the object again, the "Rotate" tool and, if you want to rotate the object around its center point, drag it in a circular motion in any direction on the artboard.

If you want to rotate the object around a different landmark, click in a point any of the window to define the new center point. Then move the pointer away from the point you just defined and drag it in a circular motion.

To rotate a copy of the object you just have to hold down the «Alt» key and then start dragging.

Step 4: Rotating an object around its full angle

Start by selecting the object. If you want to rotate the object around a different reference point, you need to press the "Rotate" option, then press and hold the «Alt» key and click on the point you want to take as a reference point.

And if you want the object to rotate around its center point, select "Object", "Transform" and finally "Rotate".

Next you need to enter the rotation angle in the blank in the "Angle" section. You have to write a negative angle if you want the object to rotate to the right and a positive angle if you want it to rotate to the left.

If the object has a pattern fill, you need to select "Reasons" to move it. And if you want to move only the motif, but not the object, you just have to deselect the "Objects" option.

Finally press «OK» or «Copy» if you want to change the scale of one of the copies of the object.

Step 5: Rotating an Object with the Transform Panel

Select objects. If you want to rotate the object relative to its reference point, enter a value in "Panel corner".

And if you want to use another reference point, click on the white square that indicates the reference point and write a value in «Angle».

If you want to learn more about Adobe Illustrator, this article on Converting an image to vector can help.

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