How to use the Mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator: simple steps

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Adobe Illustrator stands out for being a graphic editor that remembers it Adobe Photoshop tool, is an ally for create illustrations, an Adobe Illustrator tool which is based on vector graphics, allowing the use of important tools in the creation of sketches, complete drawings, logos, among others. Among the tools that this program offers us is the creation of meshes.

Meshes are used within a multicolored object where we find smooth transitions of points, when we create a mesh object, so-called mesh lines are created that cross the object and thus allow you to easily manipulate the color transitions.

By modifying the points of the mesh lines it will be possible to obtain variations in the intensity of a color tone, it will be possible to add, modify, move and delete the anchor points that appear on the mesh, in addition to being able to create new points on any mesh line and move them in opposite directions.

How to use the mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator?

  1. Enter the program Adobe Illustrator and create or open a file that contains a 3D object. If we have not installed this program, we can download Adobe Illustrator from its official website.
  2. We have to go and select the tool «Mesh» and there we will choose a fill color for its stitches.
  3. We need to select and place the first mesh point on the object, in this way it will become a mesh object with predetermined lines.
  4. We can create more mesh points simply by holding down the key SHIFT and clicking where we will place the new mesh point.
  5. Adding new points to the mesh will not change the colors or shapes in the object.
  6. When you finish the illustration, you can save the Illustrator file as a PNG or JPG image.

How to edit mesh objects in Adobe Illustrator?

To edit mesh objects that include adding, the moving or deleting, changing the color of their points, we must follow these steps:

  1. If we want to add a mesh point, we have to select the «mesh» tool and then choose a fill color for this new point and finally click on the point where we will create this mesh point.
  2. To delete a mesh point we have to hold down the key ALT (Windows) or key OPTION (Mac OS) and click on the mesh point with the “mesh” tool, in this way the selected point will be deleted and will not affect the rest.
  3. If we want to move a mesh point we have to drag it with the mesh tool or use it "Direct selection", we will reach it using the key SHIFT and then with the mesh tool we will click on the point to move.
  4. In this way we will keep the knitting stitch on a line, this method is the simplest to be able to obtain a displacement of stitches along a curved knitting line without having to distort the knitting line.
  5. If we want to change the color in a mesh point we have to select the object and then drag a color from the panel " colore »Up to that point, we can also deselect the objects and select a fill color, for this we must select the mesh object and with the« eyedropper »tool we will apply the fill color to the points.
  6. In this simple way we will learn how to use the mesh tool in adobe illustrator, its creation and modification within this fantastic program.
  7. Note that Adobe Illustrator is supported on Windows and Mac, so these steps will work for both operating systems.
  8. If you want to know more about Adobe Illustrator and other Adobe series programs, we invite you to continue exploring and you will find step by step how to use its tools and leverage your work.
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