How to use the layers panel | Create or delete layers and sublevels in Adobe Illustrator

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The artistic field , however explosive, creative and exciting it may seem, it needs order, since every project deserves it to be able to culminate successfully. For those who are illustrators it is very important to use a tool that allows a good visualization of their work at all times.

Obviously the needs of each illustrator may vary, but of course everyone is looking for the application that perfectly meets their expectations. Sure, there are more applications with great options when it comes to manipulating your creations, but this time we're going to talk about Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is a software vector editing used in the field of illustration and design thanks to its wide capacity and versatility sought in this sector.

This program has a wide variety of options, among which we have the creation of tables in Adobe Illustrator CC, in addition to offering also the possibility of creating the texture of the hair, that is, it offers a large number of creative possibilities of artistic drawing and painting.

What are the layers?

I levels allow you to organize each of the components of the current illustration, these are compared with translucent folders in which all information is stored.

Initially, each illustration will generate a master level where all the components of our illustration will be stored. Now, illustrations are usually more complex than they appear to the public, which is why Adobe Illustrator allows us to create more than one layer.

In this way we will have more control over the components of the illustration since we will be able to manage each level of our project separately. Changing the position of the layers will automatically change the structure of our illustration based on the content of the elements of the layer.

Layers panel

One is available layer panel in where we can select our layers and decide whether to hide them, lock them and modify the appearance of the illustration by manipulating them.

Having a large project could confuse the levels, here's why Illustration has nine colors in its layer panel. Choose a color for each layer, so you can view it from the layers panel.

This will allow you to locate your layers by color more intuitively, having the ability to change the color according to your needs. Also, in the layers panel, when a component is made up of other components, we will be able to display a triangle next to the corresponding layer.

Layers panel layout

The layer panel is distributed by columns, four options on its sides make it easier for the illustrator to use it more efficiently.

Visibility column

Shows whether components are positioned visibly or hidden in our illustration. Having a symbol of the eye we can see that it is visible and the nonexistence of what is hidden.

Edit column

Shows if components are locked or unlocked in ours illustration. With the padlock symbol we can see that the component is locked, if it does not have it it is unlocked and can be modified.

Identification column as the destination

Shows whether components are identified for use in an effect or for editing in the panel » Appearance". If you have a double ring, you have this option and if you have a single ring, you don't.

Selection column

Show if the components of our illustration are selected. It will be evident with the display of the color box, if some elements are selected in our layer or group, only a smaller color box will be observed.

How to create levels and sublevels?

Let's go to the layers panel to have the options available to us, inside the layers panel select the layer where you want to create the new layer.


Once the layer is selected, click "Create new level", option in the layers panel. This will give you a new layer above the selected one.


Select the level you want create the new sublayer, then click "Create new sublevel" in the layers panel. In this way we will get a new sub-level within the level we have chosen.

How to remove layers and sublevels?

Select the level or sub-level you want to delete, go up "remove" identified with a garbage symbol or click on it and move to this icon.

This way you can create and delete layers and sublevels, now if you want to convert an image to vector you can read this article and learn.

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