How to use the Face app to age faces for free on Android

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Among the many options that the app has there is the possibility of show what the person would look like if they were of different ages. A simple example would be a young man in his twenties who wants to know what he would be like if he was 8 again or what he would look like in about thirty.

People can also use the application tools for change hair color, eye color, change a face for a smile, glasses and apply some natural facial features modification. That's why more and more people want to download the FaceApp application.

How to use the Face app to age faces for free on Android?

  • Getting the App Face is indeed a simple operation, the first thing you should do is go on Play Store.
  • Place the app Face in the search engine of the Play Store, then a menu will appear with several apps that perform similar activities to the Face app, but it should be clarified that the Face app is in fact the most complete editing application.
  • Once you have the Face app, you just have to press "Install". You will be able to see the development of the download in the notification panel of your Android device. At the end of the download you can enter the application and start editing.

Therefore, it is good to keep in mind that the Face app has access to the gallery of your device, which allows you to choose any image or photograph you have saved to edit, also allows you to take a photo if you wish.

After that, a whole menu of tools will appear at the bottom of the screen. Face App offers the ability to change hair color from black to whitish, apply wrinkles and aging effects to resemble the passage of time.

Relevant aspects of the Face App application

It is worth mentioning that the Face app is not just an application for aging the face. You can also apply effects to make a person even more interesting or attractive with smile filters, makeup effects, hairstyle changes, or applying beards and mustaches, sunglasses, different hair colors and even if you want to know how you would see yourself if you were a Woman or a Man.

It is important to clarify that Face App has a class of filters called PRO. This type of filter is only accessible by making a payment by credit or debit card. But the application itself is free.

Face App has been at the center of some controversy, among which it has received accusations of racism from dark-skinned users; who claim that some filters lighten skin color.

And even a user with glasses complained that by applying effects to his face, the editor created a photograph without glasses; however Face App has made it clear that this type of situation has arisen due to failures in its "Neural Network".

Some conspiracy theories claim that Face App may be using your photos with bad intentions, of course this is just speculation and no one has been able to verify them.

The app launched in 2016, and its developer explained that it works with some sort of neural connections just like the cerebral cortex of humans does.

Basically this application contains an extensive which has various types of facial features in different ages and shapes. Therefore, it is only necessary for the system to process the information and adapt these features to the face.

As you can see, Face App is quite versatile and easy to use; its access is totally free, it is a good alternative to entertain, and why not! To see us even more attractive.

Finally we hope you have enjoyed this article, however we would like to know Have you used this application? Do you think it is a good application? , Leave your opinion in the comments.

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