How to use the eyedropper and object measurement tool in Adobe Illustrator

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Those who illustrate or draw have developed their talent perhaps due to their constant dedication or the fact that they have a natural ability for this medium.

However, regardless of the case or circumstances, it is commonly said: "Practice makes perfect".

And it is that, regardless of the impediment, each individual's abilities improve after persistent effort to achieve specific goals.

Now, practice requires a tool to help us develop our potential in the best possible way, and this is where Adobe Illustrator comes in.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

It is a computer application that allows us the artistic creation of visual projects and their subsequent modification through the interaction of it with its user.

Adobe Illustrator is vector image editing software recognized by the Ai symbol developed by the American company Adobe Systems Incorporated. This program, for example, allows you to easily convert an image into a vector.

It has the worktable or drawing board mode, which will allow you to feel like you are in an art workshop, of course, all electronically.

This sheet will provide us with a better organization of our work tools. In this way, if we go through a big and exhausting project, we can achieve order in chaos.

Other than that, if you know more about the functionality and how to use the various tools in Adobe Illustrator, it will be much easier for you to be intuitive with your creations.

In this article, we will show you how to use the Object Measurement Tool and the Eyedropper Tool in Adobe Illustrator.

What is the Object Measurement Tool?


It may have happened that when you create your works the question arises as to how much distance there is between two points of the same.

The measuring instrument, as the name suggests, is the one that allows us to accurately measure the distance that exists between one point and another.

How to use the object measurement tool in Adobe Illustrator?

Step 1

Select what you want to measure with the measurement tool. Find the measuring tool hidden behind the tool dropper. If you hold down the secondary click on the latter you will see the measurement option in the toolbar.

Step 2

Select the points where you want to calculate the distance. Click on the first one scoring object the beginning, then press the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the second object to mark the end.

And voila, in three steps you can measure what you want and you will see the exact numerical values ​​on this in the information panel.

What is the dropper tool?

For those who have had the opportunity to do any type of advertising for an exclusive brand, they know how useful this function is.

The dropper tool allows us to copy the colors of an object to use them in another, which makes it easier for us to preserve the intended visual pattern.

How to use the eyedropper tool in Adobe Illustrator?

Here we show you some simple steps to do it.

Step 1

Select what you want the eyedropper tool to apply to, be it a specific object, image or text. Locate the eyedropper tool in the toolbox.

Step 2

Once the eyedropper tool is selected, place it on what you want to copy its color to and click.

3 pass

Press the button Shift on the keyboard, click on the selected object to add the selected color with the eyedropper tool. If you want to copy all appearance attributes from one object to another, press the Shift key and the Alt key on your keyboard, then click to add the attributes.

You can also do it in reverse, by first clicking on the objects and then proceeding to press the aforementioned keys.

If the object to which we want to apply the attributes of another is not selected, we press the key Other on the keyboard and then click on it to apply the attributes.

Now, the options for creating something new are endless, you just have to get the creative part of your brain moving.The following article will show you freehand drawing with Adobe Illustrator.

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