How to use the Crop and Assemble an image tools in Corel Photo Paint?

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Using the different tools of Corel Photo Paint can be very simple, if you know how to apply its different options. It has already been commented on i fantastic results which can be achieved when applying any effect to an image. In the next tutorial we will show you how to use tools to cut and assemble an image in Corel Photo Paint.

Among the possibilities that exist to apply effects to a photograph, we can mention the coloring of images in black and white, a very simple technique to achieve it.

How to use the Crop and Assemble an image tools in Corel Photo Paint?

With the Corel Photo Paint, we can cut areas or areas that we do not want to continue in our image. But you can also assemble multiple images and that way we have only one with a better look. To use the crop tool, let's go to the left side panel which is the toolbar and choose it.

Then, we will position ourselves in the area where we want apply the cutout and hold down the left mouse button and drag to select. Everything inside the box will be what we have selected and when you press the Enter key or double click the image will be cropped.

Furthermore, if you wish, you can modify the selection area before making the cut, to do so you can position yourself on the points or lines. You can then move it, lengthen it, shrink it, rotate and duplicate it, until you have the area of ​​the image you want to crop. But we can also use the options that this tool shows us in the property bar.

Here we will find options for size, rotation, position, but we will also have a Customize button. By making a clip there, we will find the standard dimensions of the cuts, we can too change the resolution of the cut, as well as orientation. We will also find a very interesting button called Expand as a crop size.

If we activate it, we can choose an area that stands out from the image and this area when the cut is made will be left empty and we can use it as caption. We will also find the crop overlay button, with it we can view the crop area more clearly and precisely, where the crop selection area lights up and the outer one is darkened.

How to use the Assemble an Image tool in Corel Photo Paint?

With this tool we can assemble two or more images in one, it is used a lot when we scan very large images and take them one by one and then assemble them. And to use the assembly tool we must have opened the files that contain the images. So I select them and make a clip in Open.

So let's go to the Image tab and then in the Assemble option, this action will generate a window and in it we will select the files to assemble. And let's create a clip on the Add All option and it will show up in the Selected files area. And the order in which the files are displayed will be from left to right.

If we want to change the order of a file, just select it and with the buttons that are in the window we can  raise or lower the level and finally click OK. Now we can see the assembly window, where the images are shown separated by a blank area.

We will also see the buttons to select, the handheld, the Zoom and with them we will make the composition of the images, where we can paste or overlap them. We will also find the option Mix images or also select the Combine with background or create object from images options.

When we finish making changes to the image assemblies, we click the OK option. Then we will be shown the assembled image and if there are problems with the border, we will use the crop tool that we have already explained how to use. And so we show you how to use tools to cut and assemble an image in Corel Photo Paint.

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