How to use telegram to save your photos in the free cloud

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Telegram continues to be one of the platforms of instant messaging preferred by many users. It was launched on the market in 2013 and has been stiff competition against the popular ever since WhatsApp. However, the features of this system have made it a great alternative in recent years.

Especially when it comes to safety, since it uses the MTProto protocol and has the cryptography client-server e client-client when it comes to secret chats, thus adding an extra layer of security with which many are favored. Plus, it gives you the ability to time your messages so they are automatically destroyed.

How to use Telegram to save your photos in the cloud for free

Being one multifunctional information tool and complete, many users prefer to use it for upload files and archive photos, that is, it is used as unlimited cloud to store documents and multimedia files. This way you will always have a personal cloud. But how to use Telegram to save your photos in the cloud for free?

How to create a private channel to upload what we want

If you thought that for safeguard i yours files and documents just hire a cross-platform file service in the cloud come Google Drive o dropbox, you are wrong! With Telegram, infinite possibilities open up, mainly with the creation of private channels.

Then you can create a channel and use it as an unlimited cloud in Telegram

A few days ago we showed you step by step how to create a Telegram channel and how to use it effectively, but if you don't remember it, let's refresh your memory a bit. For create a private channel and use it as personal cloud in Telegram, these are the steps to follow.

From Android and iOS mobile

  • Log in to the app Telegram.
  • Click icon area of pencil that yes located at the bottom right.
  • You will see several icons and each one accompanied by a name. Click on "New channel" identified with a megaphone.

Enter Instagram from your mobile and create a private channel

  • Provide an alternate name such as "Personal Cloud", add a photo and short description if you want. These steps are optional.

Add your personal data to create the private channel

  • Save the change and select whether it will be a public or private channel. Select "Private channel" if what you want is to create a channel to load what we want and be used as a kind of cloud in Telegram.

Finally select "Private channel"

From the PC

  • Enter the desktop version of Telegram.
  • Click on the three horizontal stripes located at the top left.
  • Individual "New channel" and click on it.

Enter Telegram from PC and create a channel

  • Enter the name of the channel, a photograph that identifies it and the description and click on "Create"
  • Select "Private channel" And that's it. You will have a cloud backup on your PC.

Choose "Private channel" and start enjoying your personal cloud in Telegram

How to upload photos, videos and other files to the channel

  • Open your private personal cloud channel on Telegram.
  • Click icon area of clip which appears at the bottom right.

Look for the clip icon and click on it to access the files

  • Several options will be displayed. A person icon to share a contact, a document icon to access the file where you can send uncompressed media, send audio, music files, downloads and more. Also, you can share or save locations and send photos from your gallery.

Choose any type of document you want to send to save in Telegram

Anything that comes to your mind can be saved in your own personal cloud created in Telegram, if you need to always have a relevant image, text or file available, you just have to send it to your private channel and that's it.

You can also drag and drop photos, videos and other files from your PC folder to channel chat without any problems. The best is that "You will have no storage limits", the only thing to keep in mind is the maximum size per file, which should be up to 2Gigabytes. Even so, it's still an excellent option as well totally free.

How to view all media files in the gallery?

From Android and iOS mobile devices

  • Open the chat of the private channel of Telegram.
  • Tap on the right where the channel name is.
  • A new screen will open. At the end you will be able to check all the media files, files and links sent.

In this section you can find all multimedia, files and links

From the PC

  • Open the chat of the private channel of Telegram from your computer.
  • Click split square icon at the top of the chat window.
  • On the right hand side a column with the description of your channel will appear and you will also be able to see all the media files in the gallery you sent.

How to find the chat Saved messages of Telegram chat

In addition to the channels, Telegram offer the cat «Saved messages» on whose goal is to give the user the possibility to send everything he wants to keep, fulfilling the same goal of creating private channels.

Without a doubt, this can be another effective alternative to save photos, videos and files that you shouldn't miss. These are the steps to follow to find the "Saved Messages" chat:

On Android and iOS phones

  • Log in to the app Telegram.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines located at the top left of the screen.
  • The options menu will appear, click "Saved messages".
  • Next you will see a blank chat, which will be used as cloud gratuito in Telegram to save everything we want.

Your pc

  • Enter the Telegram's desktop.
  • At the top left you will see a menu with three horizontal lines, click on it.
  • A side window will open e a file ribbon icon it will appear right at the top. Click on it and it will take you to the chat "Saved messages".

To speed up the process, whether for Android, iOS or PC you can write the word "Saved messages" in Search Engine and the empty Telegram chat will appear immediately. Similarly, if you are interested in saving a file from a different chat or group, you just need to hold down the message, click the button "revive message « and send it to "Saved messages".

Now you know, if you'd rather have an alternate backup with the help of Telegram, this app can be converted to a unlimited cloud to save photos, videos and other files for free.

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