How to use Telegram as a music and video player?

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If you own this application, it would be highly advisable that you know the best secret tricks for you to use Telegram and get the most out of it. Perhaps, if we knew it thoroughly, we would realize the great potential it has and what it can do for us instant messaging users.

How to use Telegram as a music and video player?

Use this music and video player it is very simple and you will find that it is already enabled. And when you go to the chat and select any song you have there, it will play immediately. Now in this playback mode, go to the top where the file or song name is and click there.

When we do, we go in in the application player, in a small window, if we want to expand it, we can click on the button located in the upper right part. We will also find multimedia controls to pause the song, to stop it, advance it or delay it. We will also look at the list of songs we have available.

The application also offers several channels, from which you can load music and listen to it directly as if it were a streaming radio. The best thing is that these channels show you the songs by genre and you can choose the one you like best. You can also use a very interesting function and share music with your friends via messaging.

This way they can create different lists and have all the music you like who said that listening to music and sharing it was not fun. And that another application can do all this and more, the migration to this platform will be tremendous. Another novelty of the music player of Telegram is that it works like any other reader.

And when you turn it on and play your favorite song, you can quit the app and it won't stop as it will stay running in the background. So this way you will have fun with a player who offers you endless possibilities. Something you definitely didn't know is that you can use Telegram as a cloud server and save uncompressed files.

How to create your playlists on Telegram

As we have already told you, you can create your own playlist and to do it we will do it for groups, so if we want to create a list, we will create a group. Once this is done, where we will have customized it to our liking, we will enter the music. To do this we will send the music files to the group, these must be in MP3 format.

Now the next step will be to download them from the Telegram account and enjoy them at any time through the application player. This can be used both in the mobile version and in the personal computer version. But we recommend that you make the playlists via the Telegram version on the PC.

And as you can see, it is very easy to use this player, we guarantee you will not have any problems because it is very similar to conventional players. And once again we have introduced you to a new feature of this versatile platform and in a few steps we will show you how to use Telegram as a music and video player.

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