How to use Snapchat for business What are its advantages and disadvantages?

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If you are unsure whether you can take advantage of an app like Snapchat, for improve your company or show it to the public, this post will be of great help to you, as we will talk about both the advantages and disadvantages that this social network offers us.

We can also get the most out of our devices, since this app is not limited to being used only on a mobile phone, but you can also take advantage of it on a PC or laptop. Likewise, you will always need to have one connection a Internet, as the app is completely online.

What is Snapchat?

On a personal level, this application is widely used to take pictures and edit them with great convenience, both to share them with loved ones and with our contacts. Has a wide variety of functions and filters for our photos, allows you to record long videos and upload them. It also has high security, as it has the ability to permanently delete the uploaded content at any time.

Already in a more business environment it can be said that it is very useful to inform your customers or contacts that you are offering a new product, or that you have in mind an innovative idea and you want to know how it presents itself to consumers. 

To start using this tool, the first step is to register on Snapchat. Once you have your app, you can enjoy all the services it has at your disposal and, if you want to have it on more than one device, you can send it from one to another via Bluetooth.

How to use Snapchat for business?

Snapchat can be very useful in yours business, to use it correctly it is good that you use all the tools it has, you can use filters, create very ingenious images through photos. Also, if you are unsure whether your image meets your requirements, you can choose to delete it for an hour.

Always try to keep your application up to date, as this can fix any type of error you are presenting. When using this application, remember that the most important thing is the photos you take, since with this you can advertise your service. Snapchat is currently growing in terms of the audience consuming it. Being mainly people over the age of 19, and almost reaching the third age.

For this reason, it is important that you, as an entrepreneur, renew your product, give it fresh touches and always keep your site up to date in this app. We often want to see some advertisements for a longer time, or the image of a famous company like Amazon or Google, sadly Snapchat deletes posts very quickly, however there are ways to download content of this style, this is something you should always keep in mind, as a possible option.

Pros and cons of using Snapchat in your business

Among the benefits that using Snapchat can bring is that we can modify our publications freely, giving us a large variety of fonts, filters, stickers and even the ability to change the lighting of the image, this makes a huge difference as to other competing social networks. 

Another advantage is that you can use it on multiple devices at the same time, thus ensuring that you will never be disconnected. In addition to allowing you to assign a useful life to your item, this is essentially that when we upload a photo or video, we can select a type of expiration, an hour for example. After that, the file will be permanently deleted.

However, not all of them are pluses and you also need to take into account some factors, depending on your business, you can enter information that not everyone can see and that is unfavorable, because it may be the case, that by mistake you write something in this section and the product is not displayed correctly.

Also, you should know that messages sent to customers via this medium will come deleted at the time of sending, so you won't have a backup in case of any inconvenience, so you will always have screenshots and have them on your device.

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