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We are all immersed in the world of social networks, as it is a new dynamic of communication to which everyone in different parts of the world can participate. One such network is Snapchat, which was created more than 10 years ago, became known as "Picado" and after changing its name and adding new features, this social network has become popular and become a favorite of everyone.

The new functions that have been added such as filters and masks that beautify and  change the look of your photographs making them a lot of fun, even the messaging function which works like WhatsApp without saving the images on your phone so as not to compromise the memory of your mobile.

To make your experience even more fun, Snapchat has included a way to award prizes and position us in a ranking as users, with this try to motivate the use and get more and more followers of this social network.

Remember that being a public social network, everything you share can be seen by many then be careful when using it and post your personal photos or those of your friends do not post photos that could compromise your morale and safety.

To start using Snapchat

The first thing is to download the free application on your phone. Once you have downloaded this application, you have to create a user account to log in, as you won't be able to log in via Facebook or your Gmail account, as is the case with Instagram and others.

Once you download the application, it will automatically activate your phone's camera and this is done because its main function is to add filters to your photos. You can use the ones you have in the gallery or grab them immediately and edit them all at once. Just click the camera icon and you will see all the filters and masks that you can use to your liking with a simple touch of your finger.

You've already enjoyed applying filters and masks to your photos now to get more from the App you have to find your friends to share the fun.

How to find your friends on Snapchat

You just have to add your friends on Snapchat and for that, you have to search for them by asking the user with their name, search for them using networks or simply contacts on your mobile.

We will quickly explain how to do it, on the left side of the screen you will see a click of the magnifying glass and you can start the search. Your friends will appear with their profile photo so you can better identify them. Once located, click "add" and that's it.

Now that you have all your friends, the interesting part continues. It should be noted that users with the most followers on Snapchat have many benefits and you want to be one of them, just follow the steps we will explain below to get it.

Easily get more followers on Snapchat app

By adding your friends as we have explained above you have already taken an important step, as it will allow you to make yourself known by the friends of your friends, make sure you enjoy their publications, share and follow more people.

It was activated on Snapchat, this does not mean that you should do three publications a day, what we mean is that in addition to publishing engaging and original content with incredible effects in each publication, you must interact with the followers you already have. It will help more people to be encouraged to log into your account and get to know you

Content matters, you need to be clear about what your goal is when looking for followers. Do you want to grab the attention of a specific audience? What valuable information are you providing to people, something completely original or a popular topic today, how are you going to develop it? What does the competition offer to the followers we want to attract and how can we deliver better content?

Be clear about your goals and don't lose patience, it may take some time to get followers, but it will be worth it, as you will have a community genuinely interested in your content that will always be active by sharing and commenting on your posts.

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