How to use Skype without internet, without SIM card and without connection?

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My device doesn't have a SIM card, can I use Skype?

Answering the question directly: yes, whether the application in question can be used, even if the device does not have a SIM card. We explain why and how. This is one of the reasons for using Skype instead of another application.

To begin, you don't even need a phone number, even if it is an option. Since it works directly with the Internet.

In this sense, to open or create an account, we can choose to use that number or an email (from Microsoft) and choose the desired username.

As for its use, it will only be necessary that said device, be it a computer or laptop such as a smartphone or tablet, has access to the Internet.

The latter can be either via wired or direct connection or via connection to a Wi-Fi network, for the instrument there will be no difference as long as it is stable and, at least, of regular quality.

Being able to make both regular and video calls in a normal way and without neglecting the possibility of messages and the other modalities it includes.


How to use Skype without Wifi connection?

This is a fairly common question, but the answer to which is very simple and even becomes obvious. In any case, we have no trouble making that clear here.

This way you can use Skype without a Wi-Fi connection, as long as the device, portable or not, is has access to the Internet by another means.

Let's deepen this aspect, for example we talk about the mobile application, we could use it if the computer has an internet connection via data or browsing in megabytes.

On the other hand, being a computer or a PC, it should have one wired connection or via a BAM (mobile broadband) or a portable internet pin.

It is therefore not essential that the connection be made via a Wi-Fi network, as long as, we repeat, the device has internet and is of acceptable quality.

However, it is always advisable that, if there is the possibility of connecting to a wireless network, this is the best option, compared to mobile data, due to the better quality that the former presents and the high cost that the latter usually entails. .

Does Skype work without the internet?

In the previous two sections, emphasis was placed on the need to have the Internet in order to use the known call and video calling services.

But what many users are not aware of is that you can actually use Skype without the internet, how is that possible? Well, using other services.


This is called Skype To Go, and is mainly aimed at calls abroad, in order to save on them, enjoying a good price.

This service has the particularity of working on both mobile phones and fixed telephony, without the need for any internet connection or 3G coverage.

Now, as far as the operation is concerned, it is basically a matter of assigning a Skype To Go number (which will be unique) in order to call the foreign number.

In this sense, it would only be necessary to purchase the service, which works by subscription or by direct debit of credit from Skype.

Subsequently, the setting of the Skype To Go number is free and there is a related number limit of up to nine.

For those wishing to learn more about this wonderful service, they can access the Skype blog by clicking here, and view the information firsthand as well as obtain assistance.

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