How To Use Root Function In Excel - Square Root | cube root | fourth | fifth

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It might seem like they take square roots and the like is a complicated process with Microsoft's tool, but it isn't. In fact, it's pretty easy, something we'll teach you in this tutorial.

Even so, before you begin, we recommend that you learn how all Excel formulas are used in a spreadsheet, to better prepare yourself when using this tool.

How To Use Root Function In Excel - Square Root | cube root | fourth | fifth

Rooting in Excel is not complicated, we actually have two methods to do this procedure. The first is valid only for square roots, while the latter is useful for practically any operation of this type.

Using the root function in Excel

The first method is the simplest of all, as we will be using a function designed specifically for solve the square roots. The only drawback of this function is that it only solves this type of operation, so the cube root, fourth, fifth, etc., are not considered.

  • The first step is to position yourself in the cell where you want and appears the outcome. Enter the equal sign "=" and type " root «, Locate the root function and double-click it.
  • Inside the parenthesis, the number whose root you want to show should appear, so select the cell that that number is in.
  • After doing this, the square root of the selected figure will be displayed.

This is the simpler method to know the square root of a number within Excel, but it only works for square roots, so it's not the most useful function in the application.

In any case, it being understood that the sine, cosine and tangent function in Excel, other mathematical operations and square roots are the most common academic / work assignments for the application, this first method is perfectly functional, in case you want to go further. forward, read the following information.

Second method, valid for square, cubic, fourth and fifth roots

The second method is based on the handwriting of a formula suitable for any type of root, be it square, cubic, fourth or fifth. Using the manual method, knowing the best keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel will help you work faster.

This second method is not as simple as the previous one, although it is not something complicated, just follow these instructions:

  • The first thing you should know is how to get the cursor (^) since you will be using this symbol within the formula you will use. Write them very easily, just press the button Alt + 94.
  • Now position yourself on the cell where you want the result to appear, for convenience suppose you want to know the square root of the number 8. In this case, go to the cell where you want the result and write the following = 8^(1/2).
  • The previous equation was used to get the square root of 8, but you can also use it to get cube, fourth, and fifth roots. To do this, just edit the formula: Cubic root = 8^(1/3), Room = 8^(1/4), Fifth = 8^(1/5).

Usefulness of the root function in Excel

Using the root function within Excel and formulas like the one we taught you above is very useful for several circumstances.

To perform complex operations

If you are an engineering student or a career related to Mathematical logic, using a tool like Excel will facilitate operations such as root calculations. This becomes even more important when you need to get results very quickly.

Even for complex operations it is advisable to use Solver, useful for solving equations and mathematical operations, which together with the solution of roots allows you to solve problems

A powerful calculator on your PC via Office

Excel is a great tool, it's a great place to work, but it can also be classified as a kind of calculator a lot powerful. By knowing its functions and the formulas you can use, you have access to an unprecedented calculation tool.

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