How to use or use Signal Private Messenger What does this App do?

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What Makes the Signal Private Messenger App So Great?

If you are looking for alternative applications to WhatsApp, we recommend Signal, as it is one of the apps that has gained ground in this regard and is currently very popular.

The truth is that at first glance this application is just a normal messaging service, where you can send messages, photos, GIFs and make video calls, but Signal is much more than that. Signal Private Messenger implements end-to-end encryption security technology, later also implemented by WhatsApp in its services.

But it's not just about Signal, the end-to-end encryption they implement in the app doesn't just secure sent messages from hacker attacks;  but also from the same application. That is, only the sender of the message and the recipient of the same will be able to read it, not even the app will have access to messages and user information.

Furthermore, Signal Private Messenger adds an extra touch of security to your app by having the option to enable screenshot protection, have self-destructing messages and the ability to add passwords to conversations, so it's definitely the safest app.

How to use or use Signal Private Messenger

Your Android

First you need to download Signal on Google Play from your mobile phone, by entering Signal in the search engine, then select and download the Signal app developed by Open Whispers System; when finished, access the application.

When you log into the application, Signal will ask you to access your media files and also to contact, the permission you grant by clicking Continue, so that later you are shown more permissions that you can accept at this time or later.

Next, you will see a screen where you will be asked to enter your phone number, enter it and click Register, then you will be asked to access your text messages, you need to allow Signal to verify your phone number.

Now is the time to enter your name and a profile photo, if you prefer, then click Finish to complete this part of the process.

Next, a screen will appear to configure Signal as the default messaging application; Tapping the Use as default messaging application option will set it up this way.

Now, you are done with your registration, but to start texting and making calls, you need to go into the app and click icon area of pencil located at the bottom right of the screen.

To then see your contacts that you have Signal, select one and then you can start sending messages, photos, etc., and to call him, look at the phone icon at the top right of the screen; both calls and messages are protected with encryption only if made to people who also have Signal installed.

On iOS devices

To download Signal on iOS, you need to access your phone's App Store, place Signal in the search engine and select the official app, then press Get and then Install, at this point your Apple ID data may be required.

Then you need to open the app, enter your phone number and click Activate this device;  then you will have to enter a six-digit code that will be sent to you via SMS to verify your number, then press Send.

Then you will be asked for permission to send notifications, after allowing it you need to choose a name and profile photo and press Save, then you can start using Signal formally.

Just press the pencil icon in the app at the top right of the screen, it allows access to your contacts; choose a contact and write them or call them by pressing on the phone icon, and this is how you'll use Signal on iOS to send messages and make calls with end-to-end encryption.

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