How to use my Android mobile as a remote control for Smart TV?

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To find out if your phone has infrared technology, you need to inspect its hardware. Unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your port needs to be visible. Sometimes it is so discreet that it goes unnoticed. If your phone doesn't have infrared, don't worry, it's not the only way to set it up as a remote control for your Smart TV. Here are some options for doing this.

Configure your Android as a remote control for Smart TV

Nowadays, with technology almost anything is possible, that is, just like you can improvise a remote control, you will be surprised by other things. For example, converting a TV to a Smart TV or even something more specific like converting an old TV to an Android Smart TV.

As mentioned above, there are two ways to configure your mobile as a remote, here you have the two options so you can run the one that's right for you.

Use of infrared technology

Some mobile phones from manufacturers Huawei and Xiaomi are equipped with infrared. To verify this, all you need to do is inspect its hardware. In some phones, it is nothing more than a small hole at the top.


Infrared technology will not only allow you to check televisions, but also any device that works with a remote control. Incredible, right?

Usually, if your mobile phone is equipped with infrared, it probably already has an application to set it up as a remote control for Smart TV. But if that's not the case or the application doesn't convince you, there are many more alternatives that serve the same or better way.

One of them is AnyMote Universal Remote. It is one of the most popular remote control applications on the Play Store. This is undoubtedly due to its broad compatibility spectrum, working with televisions, consoles, projectors, speakers, cameras and many other devices.

No infrared

If your mobile phone doesn't have infrared technology, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. There are applications that allow you to configure it as a remote control for Smart TV and it works just as well as applications that use this technology.

The truth is that in this case there are a lot of variables in terms of applications and brands. So it is better to install the official app that the manufacturers have for it. Here is a list of the official applications you can use to control your TV based on its brand:

  • To control Samsung TVs you need to download “Samsung Connect”. It is available since Android 6.0 and you can download it for free from the Play Store. You can find it in the category » Lifestyle » .


  • If your TV is a Sony Bravía brand, the application you need to download to use your Android as a remote control for Smart TV is Side View. It is available since Android 4.4 and you get it for free in the Play Store.
  • In case your TV is LG brand, you have three download options. To check TVs launched in 2011 you need to download “LG TV Remote 2011”. For those that have been sold since 2012 your option is "LG TV Remote".
  • And if your TV is WebOs from 2014 or later, you'll need "LG TV Plus". All free on the Play Store.

Just like you, there is a different one for each brand of television. You just have to do a little research in the Play Store to get the application you need for use your android as a remote control for Smart TV.

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