How to use Instagram via an emulator on my PC - Quick and easy

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Social networks occupy a preponderant role in today's communities, among which Instagram predominates over any other, for the services it offers and for the interaction that can be carried out within it.

Currently, this app works as a suitable space for post personal or interesting content, engage in interactions, influence the masses, promote sales, among others.

This great versatility is one of its biggest advantages over other competitions trying to offer a similar service, which is why users continue to prefer it.

In addition, the Instagram platform offers a optimal service to those who register in its database. Through it, it can be accessed from mobile devices and web browsers.

However, many people aren't used to looking at computers or just don't like them. For this reason, they are looking for ways to be able to enjoy this social network from their computer, without the need to use an Internet browser.

Therefore, in the following article you will find a number of options that can improve your experience within this site without leaving the comfort of your computer.

Instagram visual mods for PC browsers

Programs that allow browsing of Internet sites. An example is Google Chrome, which can be adjusted and customized according to the tastes of each user.

When it comes to Instagram, very few people like the interface developed for these browsers. Because it is very limited compared to the usual aspects within the mobile interface. Since in most cases it is almost impossible to upload or post photos on the Instagram PC platform.

However, there is the possibility of modifying this interface. So far, it's an available option for Windows OS only.

Change the interface view

To manage to change the way it shows the computer version of Instagram it's very simple. To achieve this, the only requirement is a browser program.

Since this aspect is the default content on all computers, you only need to log into the social network and enter your account details. Once inside the site, open the page "Code inspector" and enter the following key combination: «Ctrl + Shift + M».

The screen interface will change automatically in the one you can see from mobile devices. This is much more pleasant for users.

Publish content from a PC

Another complaint from the community of the social network in question concerns its limitations. That include not being able to publish content from the browser Of computer.

However, this is very easy to fix, as you will be using an emulator highly recommended by those who use Firefox and Chrome.

Its name is Mobile Browser Emulator and it is nothing more than a complement responsible for simulating that the browser program is a mobile phone by applying the characteristic display.

To post photos and videos, you just need to log into the Instagram page and start enjoying the content that makes up your feed.

Bluestacks Android - an excellent emulator of the Android operating system

Bluestacks is considered one of the most popular and downloaded emulators from the Internet community. It is a great option for those who want to use an application directly from a program installed on their PC.

The software can be purchased from its official website, whose configuration is the same as that of an Android device, as it requires the entry of a Gmail account to use the services.

After completing these adjustments, you will only need to log in to the Google Play Store to install the Instagram application inside the emulator.

In this simple way, you can use the popular program comfortably from your computer, equipped with all the functions that characterize the system. Including that of broadcasting live video on Instagram from your PC.

Depending on the option that best suits your access and your tastes, the browser interface will no longer be a limit for those who want to use the social networks.

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