How to use Google Assistant in Samsung Galaxy Buds

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Wireless headphones are one of the most popular smartphone accessories we can buy today. They are comfortable thanks to the fact that they do not need cables, their sound quality is quite good and there are models for all budgets.

One of the best options if we have an Android phone are the Samsung Galaxy Buds and the different versions that have come out over time.

Now, one of the "problems" with these Samsung headphones is that they have Bixby as their default personal assistant, an assistant which, by the way, cannot be compared in function to that of Google.

But don't worry because as we read on XDA, using Google Assistant with Samsung Galaxy Buds is really simple, being able to change it in a few steps. Let's see it.

How to use the Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones

The Galaxy Buds Pro are Samsung's latest fully wireless headphones.

Changing the Bixby assistant for the Google Assistant is really simple and we'll be honest, the Google Assistant is unrivaled in this area.

To do this, the first thing we need to do is restore the default assistant, which in most cases will be Bixby itself.

This is achieved by searching for the Bixby application on our smartphone and instead of opening it, keep pressing on it. This will bring up a small window with an information icon that we need to click on. The other option is to access your smartphone settings and within applications, select Bixby.

Once this step is done, we will click on the Set as default option to finally click on "Delete default values".

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, primo piano.

With this previous step we will have achieved that the Galaxy Buds do not use Bixby as the default assistant. Now what comes is choosing our favorite assistant. In this article we have selected the one from Google because it seems to us the most complete but you should know that it can be done with any other, even with Amazon's Alexa.

For this, what we will do is place our amazing Galaxy Buds in our ears and activate the assistant by pressing the touch panel of the headset.

Now a window will appear on the screen of our smartphone that will allow us to choose the intelligent assistant we want. We select the one from Google and click on «Always» so as not to have to repeat these steps in the future.

If we regret it and want to change the assistant again, we'll just have to repeat the above steps.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are cute, comfortable, and sound pretty good. The Galaxy Buds are a great option for those who want to enter the field of totally wireless headphones and are looking for headphones with great value for money.

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