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The truth is that the smartphone has become an inseparable ally for many. There are many hours during the day when we use our mobile terminal (Internet surfing, social networks, games ...) and honestly, this doesn't have to be all good.

Be constantly attentive to your mobile phone, check if we have received notifications, enter our social networks every five minutes ... are facts that could confirm that we have a certain addiction to smartphones. Unsurprisingly, addiction to technology is on the rise among young people.

Obviously, using your mobile phone less is possible. It's complicated but it's possible. To do this, we only need to make small changes to our devices and we will see how as the days go by, every time we turn on our device's screen fewer times.

Disable notifications

One of the things that makes us unlock our smartphone the most is the sound of notifications. If we have received a WhatsApp, a Like on Instagram, an email in the inbox ... I don't know about you but I receive a hundred updated notifications. This means that while I am working, watching a movie or simply in the company of other people, I stop doing what I'm doing and take my cell phone.

Disabling notifications is the best we can do not only to be more productive in our daily life, but also simply to use the smartphone less. Most of the notifications we get are unimportant and if anyone wants something urgent, they should call us directly.

Furthermore, many of the notifications we can receive come from the application itself. For example, Facebook informing you that you have X contacts in common with a contact or Twitter informing you about the latest comments from one of your followers. Trivial notifications that are best avoided.

Delete social networks from our mobile

In addition to notifications, one of the causes that makes us look at the smartphone several times are social networks. Few times we focus on a task, take a moment to see Twitter or Instagram, and suddenly realize that it's been over half an hour.

So, uninstalling these apps from our smartphone is a good option and if we want to use them, do it from a computer when we have free time. Plus, deleting these apps has a lot more benefits, and if not, delete Facebook and you'll see it.

Put essential apps on your smartphone desktop

As a general rule, we usually put on the desktop of our smartphone those essential applications that we usually use practically every day, in this way we don't have to look for them in the application drawer if we want to use them.

However, there are few times when we put a multitude of apps on the desktop, many of which we neither use nor are essential in our daily life. For example social networks. In case we don't want to delete them and unless our work depends on them, it's best not to have them on the desktop. This way every time we unlock the terminal we won't be tempted to know what the people we follow are doing.

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