How to use face unlock on any Android without a free app

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Mobile phones that work with operating systems Android offer several features to make you feel safe when you go out. How to enable anti-theft lock or use face unlock. You can activate all these options so as not to feel the victim of possible thieves or those who want to see the information you have on your mobile.

Although you all know by now, this technology has been implemented with great success in Apple-branded phones. And on Android devices they don't have the same efficiency, so we never ask for them. Stop using other known security methods such as pattern, pin or fingerprint .

There are cell phones that use the Android operating system, which can offer a security system through acceptable facial recognition. But it is not so, in the rest of the equipment, in the same way we will offer you a tutorial that will teach you how to use face unlock on any android without a free app.

How to use face unlock on any Android without an app

Next we will explain a simple way you can use face unlock on any Android without an app of any kind. And best of all, it won't cost you anything, since it was a feature that could have been found before. Along with other security systems such as pin or pattern, but what happened was that it was moved.

So, to find this security system, called easy unlock, what we need to do is go to Settings. Then we look for the Security section, press and in this window we will look for the Smart Lock option. Which is a system associated with devices Bluetooth o NFC.

So, how do we activate this feature, when we choose the option SmartLock, we will appreciate that there are several options. In our case we will choose facial recognition, the system will start to perform a process in which we will take a photo of our face. This photo will be saved and used as an option to unlock your phone.

Activate easy recognition with the Smart Lock function

And you are ready and now the system will ask you to place your face to compare it with the saved photo if they match the phone will be unlocked. There isn't much to repeat and it's important that you know that you shouldn't trust this procedure 100%. And you shouldn't leave aside the other methods of unlocking your mobile.

What do we want to tell you with this, that you can implement a easy recognition, since for fashion it is implemented in other devices. But the level of security it offers you is not the same as what the employer can offer you. Or the one that can give you fingerprint recognition or pin introduction.

Now to use it face unlock, every time the phone is locked you have to put your face to recognize yourself and then jump it with your finger. It is very different from using the fingerprint sensor which automatically skips the unlock screen. But if you prefer and want to enjoy a higher level of security, you should opt for an app.

In this simple way you can opt for a very innovative way to unlock your mobile without using traditional security systems. And in this article we show you what steps you need to go through for   use face unlock on any android without a free app.

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