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Computer programs today are truly amazing tools, helping us to do many tasks more easily. These include maintaining administrative control, performing mathematical logic operations, send email and among many others.

Therefore, the importance of knowing how to use these programs has grown to the point that at least a high percentage of the world population needs to know the basic concepts of using an operating system, and in turn, knowing how to manage the programs that users normally use.

Programs such as browsers, office automation, files of different types, editing at pictures and others. Therefore, some programs such as Corel Draw they need a wide variety of information on the Internet on how to manage it, so that users have the maximum amount of resources in their learning.

What is Corel Draw used for?

Corel Draw is a platform with multiple benefits that we can download and install easily, which is used for create diagrams, logos, illustrations and other visual elements. Which is most regularly used by designers; but it can also be used by inexperienced people, with a little preparation on the subject to add outlines of objects, correct the blur of a photograph, insert text and custom background effects, etc.

We can host from simple creations with this program such as the Pizza Hut or Mc Donalds logo, to the design of jobs with much more complexity such as those focused on engineering and organizational marketing.

It is also a tool that is not limited to being developed for a single client. Since it works not just for the Windows operating system, but we can also use it on computers that use MacOS, which means it can also be used by Apple users.

What important tools does Corel Draw come with?

The tools of the latest released version of Corel Draw in 2020 are the result of constant development of the program, which has its beginnings in 1989. Thus, we can see that the latest version carries within its tool packages wrap, extrude, blend and perspective.

We can also see the tools shadow, zipper and vortex (the latter two mainly concern nodes and lines). We can observe the alignment of texts and dynamic guides for precise positioning taking into account other objects.

We can also see somewhat more advanced tools like blur, spiral, rejection and attraction ; where you can change the style and color harmony. Already in the latest episodes some tools use artificial intelligence, such as the image oversampling and powertrace.

How to use the smart fill tool in Corel Draw?

The smart fill tool is extremely useful for users, as it doesn't just make a fill in a given object within its borders, but when you apply this option, the program will automatically assume that a new item.

In such a way that if we move the filled object, we will have the initial object without this fill and we will also have the new object, that is, we will have two objects on our sheet. We can find the aforementioned tool in Corel's toolbars at the end from top to bottom.

We can also see that when we select the tool, one will appear property bar above, where we can specify fill and outline. In both cases, the options will appear default, selected and unfilled or without outline (it depends on where we are).

This tool helps us to test with different objects that we then want to incorporate into a final result, and for other uses that depend on the creativity of the designer or the user. What really matters is that with this tool we avoid damaging an object when testing with it.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear the your opinion Were you able to use Corel Draw's smart fill tool? Do you know any other ways to use Corel Draw tools? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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