How to use Canva to create image posts for Twitter

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It turns out that nowadays you need to use tools that allow you to design images in order to positively stand out and get more attention from your contacts. There are very good and effective tools on the market that will help you in your aim, but Canva seems to us the most suitable thanks to its large number of models and its ease of use. And with Canva you can not only creatively cut images, you can also design them to your liking.

For this we have brought you an excellent tutorial, which will guide you step by step to the use of this tool, but I guarantee you that through its graphic interface you will immediately know how to use it. Without further ado and without wasting time, we will teach you  how to use Canva to create image posts for Twitter.

How to use Canva to create image posts for Twitter

Getting social networks like Twitter to display images that have that professional touch isn't very difficult to do. You just have to have the tools to achieve it and we will give it to you. And first of all we will show you in the article how to use Canva to create image posts for Twitter.

The first thing we're going to start doing is go to the Canva page, here we will leave you the Link so not you will lose weather. In order to use the page you need to register and log in. You can work with the free version, but you will not get all the benefits that the platform can offer you, if you want you can opt for the paid plans.

Once the registration process has finished and your session has started, you can see the large number of models that more than 8 thousand offer you. We also want to remind you that this tool will work not only with Twitter but with any other social network. That's why when you are on the page you have to choose the template to create your design. In addition, these will also help you create a banner ad directed to Twitter.

You have to be very careful when choosing your template as it will show you everything it has and some of them may be free and some not. But I advise you if you want to publish your product, go to the far left and choose the option Uploaded files, make a clip and it will ask you to drag and drop from your computer.

Using the different Canva options

But even if you prefer, you can choose from the millions of photos that the tool offers you, once you have chosen the photo you can resize it to the size you want. And you can also add as many elements as you want. That's why you go to the side menu which is on the left side and you can choose the options of Text, Elements, Backgrounds, etc.

The way you use the application is very versatile and you can design your Twitter posts in a  very quick and easy.

Here you can get everything you need without having to download anything from your computer unless you want to promote a product. You also have the possibility to add a video and music, the options it offers us are really very complete.

And when you have already done your publication and you want to publish it, you just have to go to the top right and create a clip in the Publish option. Several options will be divided and here you can choose the one you want in our case we will make a clip on Twitter. It will synchronize you with the platform and finally you will create a clip in Publish.

In this way your publication will be realized in the social network you have chosen and it is so easy that you learned to use Canva To create image publications for Twitter. The time you spend will depend on your publication showing better aesthetics and professionalism.

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