How to use bitly to shorten URLs and links for free

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This way we can share without any kind of limitation all the links we want where we want. It is ideal for those who manage many social networks, who have important websites or fan pages.

Especially for those who use apps like Twitter where the number of characters is quite limited. Either way, it's not a bad idea to learn how to use Bitly for shorten links for free as this web application offers a large number of free options without having to go through the box at any time.

That is why we will see a simple tutorial in which we will teach you how to use Bitly in any case. From registration to shortening links. It also has a Google Chrome extension so you can save a lot of time in case you have to shorten too many links or be something you do a lot.

We will go step by step in this guide to using Bitly where you will learn everything you need to start taking the first steps with this interesting and above all useful web application.

Step by step guide to using bitly

  • The first thing to do is to register with Bitly to enjoy all the benefits it offers. Because of this we will create a free account.
  • We enter Then we click on the button » Get started for free ". Let's go to a new page where we will see that we can access three floors. Each of these with its advantages.
  • The first is free while the second and third are paid. In case you are starting out and don't have a large volume of links, we recommend starting with the version participation.
  • Then we will have to fill out a small form to complete the registration. The only thing it asks us is the username, email and password. So you will have to choose the sector of activity, which is quite simple.
  • You will also have to answer three questions Bitly will ask you to find out how you will use their service. The first is How will you use Bitly? Could be personal, professional, etc. Even the size of your company in this case would be personal and to complete the task you perform.
  • Once done, you just have to confirm the email and we have the working Bitly account and you can start creating your custom link.

How to use bitly to shorten links for free

To shorten a URL in Bitly the method is quite simple. All you have to do is copy the URL you want to shorten and then paste it into the box that says " Shorten your link »Then click on the button that says» Abbrevia »And you have the shortened URL.

In principle this is the simplest way to do it. But you can too customize abbreviated addresses to make them more friendly. You don't have to pay to do this as Bitly offers a number of pretty cool free features.

You also have a Chrome extension and that way you can speed up the process of shortening links using bitly. In order to use this extension, all you have to do is install it in your browser.

After that you will need to link the account and shorten the URL directly while browsing by clicking on the extension and the link is instantly shortened. It's that simple and without having to log into the official Bitly website. In connection with this article, you may also be interested in How to Shorten an Affiliate Link or My Website URLs in WordPress

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