How to use apps that don't work with root - Xposed hide root

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The truth is, there are many applications that require root permissions, so being a root user comes in handy. However, some apps aren't designed to run on rooted devices.

For all those applications that cause problems running in root, it is best to use measures to hide this condition. There are many applications for this, but it's best to keep it simple, that's why we recommend Root Cloak.

How to use apps that don't work with root - Xposed hide root

Do you have an application that is giving you problems because your phone is rooted? If this is the case, There is a solution, l’app Root Cloak.

Root Cloak

The Root Cloak app is an Xposed module designed precisely to hide the Root status of a mobile, the difference with the rest of the applications is that it has a very intelligent way of working. Root Cloak lets you select which applications will work with root and which will not.

It is precisely because it allows a specific selection among applications that we consider Root Cloak the best application for this function. Disabling root a globally it might cause problems, but doing it with a single application will avoid these problems.

On the other hand, if you ultimately want to get rid of Root completely, you need to learn how to completely remove KingRoot from your mobile which is one of the simplest rooting methods.

What is an Xposed module?

An Xposed module allows access to special functions within our Android operating system. In most cases, you must be a root user. In the case of Root Cloak, we can change the way apps detect the root of the mobile.

How to use the Root Cloak?

Some applications do not start if they detect that our device is rooted, this can be a problem if it is a frequently used application, but we have the ideal solution with a Xposed form. Furthermore, its use is very simple:

  • The first thing you should consider is having the Xposed module, you can download it from the Xposed Installer. You may need prior guidance, you can seek tutorial Articles.
  • When you have installed the module proceed with the installation of Root Cloak, if you do not have the APK you can download it from Download Root Cloak, there look for the option Download and click on the link below. Here too are the instructions to install the program correctly.
  •  After checking the above points, you can start the application. Start Root Cloak.
  • Click on the first option, which is Add / Remove app. Now you need to look for that application that has errors to be a root user. After doing that, you can close the application.
  • After the previous step, you should be able to use the application without the root problem.

With the above method, it will most likely solve the problem, if so, you will be able to use some of the best root apps on Android, which are great tools to customize your mobile.

Why does this problem occur?

Now that you know how to fix this, you may be wondering why it is, of course there is no clear reason, but there are several possibilities.

The developer does not want changes to his application

Being a Root user allows you to make significant changes to your system, which means that with the right skills and tools you can do things that you couldn't do before. This is something developers don't usually want, as through this, users can tweak hidden app options to their liking.

User protection

On the other hand, some applications do not allow root access as this may create vulnerabilities for the user. A novice user it could modify important system options by increasing its vulnerability, in turn it could be attacked by malicious people or organizations and even viruses.

In case you suspect that you have a virus on your mobile after using the Root functions, it is convenient that you know the best free antivirus for Android, in this way you will eliminate the danger while browsing or using the applications on your device .

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