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With the arrival of the latest iPhone 12, Apple unveiled its brand new wireless charging system through a magnetized system that would replace the traditional charging via lightning ports of its devices: the MagSafe.

Among the many controversies, the new accessory stands gaining followers in the market, mainly due to its differentiating capacity, such as the magnetized system that allows it to be fixed in the correct position for efficient loading.

The point is, many users have started wondering if this feature is also compatible with android devices and, contrary to what many might believe, it is really possible to charge non-Manzanita phones, even if it doesn't work with everyone. You want to know what they are and how you can use MagSafe on them? Join us!

How to use Apple's MagSafe on Android phones

MagSafe… what is it?

Before you start using it, it is important to consider what is MagSafe. The first thing you should know is that Apple has developed two types of MagSafe. The first corresponds to the charger that i had MacBook Pro laptops, while the second one we are talking about is that of new iPhone 12.

What is really a MagSafe?

This new version of MagSafe consists of a charging and mounting system that integrates the last Cell of the company, where the wireless charging coil that the phones already built in and was changed are been added new components to achieve a improved system with continuous support for Qi charging.

The intention with this new system is to solve a very common mistake which occurred with everyone Qi wireless chargers where, if the device was not properly aligned on the base, the mobile would charge very slowly or would not charge at all.

Now, regardless of where you place it, through the magnetometer and an NFC reader single coil in the MagSafe, it automatically adapts to the phone, guaranteeing you a correct and efficient charge at all times.

How to get MagSafe magnetic rings on Android

If you are wondering like having Apple's MagSafe magnetic rings on your android device, we tell you that it is very simple, although it is important to remember that you must have a mobile phone compatible with Qi charging technology.

Is it possible to have a magnetic ring from an iPhone 12 so that your Android works with MAgsafe accessories?

Materials needed

To use a MagSafe charger on your android phone you will need the following:

  • Un MagSafe charger or a generic charging base compatible with this technology and Qi support which you can find in any trusted online store.
  • Un magnetic ring for 12 iPhone.
  • That your mobile is obviously compatible with Qi charging technologies.

How to charge your Android with MagSafe

If you already have all of these materials, the process is very simple. You have to place the magnetic ring (it's self adhesive) on the back of your android phone. Don't worry that the magnets may conflict with the Qi pads, as there is no problem with them.

And voila, little more. That way, you'd have a much cheaper MagSafe charger, functional and with the particularity that it is able to charge at a higher power (up to 15W) depending on the basic model you choose. For more details, please check iPhone 12 MagSafe compatibility with (some) Android phones.

Charging your Android phone with MagSafe has never been easier. Check compatibility

Now, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S20 or a Google Pixel 5, we have good news for you. Well, it has been confirmed by several users that these two phones are compatible with Apple's MagSafe charger, which fits perfectly to the back of the terminal.

Other uses for MagSafe

As you know, there are others uses that you can give to the MagSafe and make the most of this novelty. For example, for a car charger or even for a wallet, depending on the models of accessories presented by Apple.

In this sense, if you adapt the components we mentioned above to your Android, you could use these Apple accessories. Which, although its price isn't the most attractive, we know its quality and its functioning are beyond doubt.

All that remains is to try these alternatives that we have presented and tell us about your experience in using Apple's MagSafe system on your Android terminal. Do you have the courage?

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