How to use and share the same mouse or mouse and keyboard on two or more computers

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It is very common nowadays to know someone who uses more than one computer at the same time to work, but constantly changing the mouse and keyboard can get boring. Therefore, today we will explain how use and share the same mouse or mouse and keyboard on two or more computers simultaneously.

Next we will show you all the existing options so that you can finally order your workstation comfortably, eliminating all those extra cables and optimizing the space you have. It's as simple as connecting a wireless keyboard to a PC.

Software for sharing mouse or mouse and keyboard on two or more computers

The first option you should consider if you use two or more computers and want to share the same mouse and keyboard, is download software that allows you to connect these devices to each PC. In this section we will talk a little bit about some of the best software you can use for this.

  • USB network port. Also known as USB over Ethernet, this software provides secure access to almost any device via USB connection, even if they are not in the same room or if it is a Mac and a PC.

To use it, you just have to download the application on both computers: to which you have physically connected your mouse and keyboard, and to which you want to share this connection; and then choose "Share local USB devices" and "Connect remote USB devices", respectively.

  • Synergy. This application was specifically designed for share mouse and keyboard on unlimited computers via WiFi, regardless of whether they are using Windows, Linux or Mac. Just download it and you can even use shared clipboard and customize keyboard shortcuts.

  • Director of entry. This app has the limitation that it can only be used on a computer Windows, but it allows you the same clipboard sharing and hotkey customization features that Synergy offers.
  • ShareMouse. This is probably the simplest application to use among those we have mentioned, but it has the particularity that it only works if all the computers you want to control with the same mouse and keyboard are connected to the same WiFi network.

Usa uno switch KVM

If you still don't know what a Switch is, we encourage you to find out a bit before reading on. This hardware component will allow you to connect multiple computers to a single monitor, so you can control them all with a single mouse or mouse and a single keyboard.

All you need to do to get it to work is to connect all the computers to the switch and also connect the mouse and keyboard. Hence, it is necessary to use the switches that the switch must be able to control one or the other computer at the same time without changing the mouse or keyboard at any time.

Although it is easy to use hardware and adaptable to both Windows and Mac, it can be very expensive (especially compared to the free software options mentioned in the previous section). This is not to mention that it can get annoying due to all the cables connecting it.

Use a remote desktop application to share mouse and keyboard across two or more computers

Applications that allow you to have remote control of a computer are becoming more and more popular, especially if you have to telecommute and can't take the PC you use to the office with you. While sharing mouse and keyboard isn't exactly their primary function, they are very useful for accomplishing this goal.

There are more remote desktop applications today. Although TeamViewer is one of the most popular, there are many free alternatives to this app. By downloading any of these applications you can access all files and resources of the remote computer, including keyboard and mouse control.

We hope that with any of the options we show you in this article, you will be able to use and share the same mouse and keyboard on two or more computers at the same time without major problems. And remember that you can also connect a keyboard and mouse to your mobile if you wish.

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