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There may be a lot of competition in this type of market, but without a doubt one of the best applications for learning a new language is Duolingo . This application launched in 2011, today has more than 30 languages.

In 2013, Apple recognized it as the iPhone App of the Year, being the first educational app to achieve such recognition. It was also the most downloaded educational application on Google Play in 2013 and 2014.

How does Duolingo work?

Duolingo's interface is packed with options, yet easy to use. Once you have downloaded, installed and opened the application, the first step is to set up your profile and choose which languages ​​you want to learn.


There are several ways to approach your learning: First, choose the mode in which you want to learn the language (flexible or intense lessons) and yours weekly goal.

Each course is made up of a series of modules, which you can access individually and progressively (that is, as you pass them, you will unlock others) or more generally.

For the second option, Duolingo takes a series of lessons from the different modules that make up the language you want to learn to test your knowledge in so you can unlock the different sections faster.

Types of lessons

The Duolingo platform establishes different parameters for carrying out the lessons of each of the modules. So, during your daily lesson, you will surely find:

  • Translation exercises: you will carry out exercises that will ask you to translate words, short or long sentences from English to Spanish and vice versa.
  • Word match: in the same sense of the translation, choose the words in Spanish and the correct translation in the other language.
  • Pronunciation: You must allow access to the microphone to perform pronunciation exercises. The application will present you with a series of short sentences and you will record how you pronounce that sentence.
  • Word selection: it will also show you the pictures, where you have to choose the word that matches the picture.

Attack your weak points

After each completed module, the application performs an analysis of all the exercises performed and will display a practice section, which will include those lessons in which you have sent errors.


If you have any questions or think the translation of a word or phrase contains errors, after entering the answer, you can comment on it or simply read other people's comments on the topic.

This is a lot useful for understanding the concepts, variants and interpretations of some words with which there may be some kind of confusion.

Once you become an English expert, problems like changing Netflix's language from English to Spanish on your smartphone will no longer be a headache.

Test under pressure

A good way to test the knowledge you are gaining with this application is to make quick decisions. For this, the web version of Duolingo makes the proof in time.


The application works with a series system. During your lessons, the bar will fill up until you get a fire, which will indicate that you have completed the day's lesson and, to get rewards, you need to light that fire every day during the week.


Read, listen and select. This is another of the innovations that has been implemented in the application. You have the option of read and listen to stories to resolve the questions related to them.


An innovative and excellent way to motivate your users. By promoting a healthy competition and based on the lessons you take, accumulate points and reach the top of the ranking. Start in the Bronze Division and rise through the ranks.

Once you have learned and mastered the English language, you may want to consider learning other languages ​​on Duolingo easily and comfortably.

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