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We all know that with Adobe Illustrator you make graphic designs on an artboard. It is intended for artistic creation of drawing and painting, using the line tool, simple shapes, pen, eraser, scissors and knife in Adobe Illustrator. But you can too to use and configure the text tool in Adobe Illustrator | Insert texts.

Text is a very important part of Adobe Illustrator when doing the desktop publishing, you design a logo or you use text to create an image. The options offered by Adobe Illustrator are terrific when using the Text tool.

To better understand the variety of options this design program offers you; it is recommended to change the language of Adobe Illustrator; as it can be confusing to read everything, in a language other than our own.

Good use of the text tool, combined with other basic knowledge; for example: knowing how to use the rotate objects tool in Adobe Illustrator or use the interactive painting tool in Adobe Illustrator. It will give you the dexterity you need for design what you want. Now you will see how to use and configure the text tool.

Use and configure text tools when inserting text in one place

Entering text at one point starts from where you click; then it is distributed in a horizontal or vertical line as characters are entered. This is useful when needed add a few words to the illustration.

To insert text in this way, follow these steps:

  1. È necessario select the Text tool or the tool Vertical text. When we perform this step, the mouse pointer changes to an I inside the dotted box. The small horizontal line near the bottom of I positions the position of the baseline.
  2. Then you can set the text formatting options in the control panel, for that there are the Font or Paragraph options. In Character you can define la family of fonts, font style, line spacing, among others. In Paragraph you can define indentation, alignment, among other options.
  3. Click where you want to start the line of text. You need to make sure you don't click a existing object, because it becomes text in the area or text on a path.
  4. Type your text and press "Enter" on Windows or "Enter" on Mac OS, to start a line of text.
  5. When you have finished entering your text, click on the "Selection" tool to select the text object.

Use and configure the text tool when inserting text in an area

To insert text in an area, the boundaries of an object are used to control the flow of characters, both horizontally and vertically. When the text reaches one of the boundaries of the defined area, it fits automatically.

This text entry method is widely used when you want to include one or more paragraphs in a brochure; For instance. To do this, the following steps are followed:

  1. We must first define the bounding area. To do this, you need to select the Text or Vertical Text tool and drag diagonally to define the delimited area.
  2. Draw the object you want to use as the bounding area, then select the Text tool you want to use.
  3. Then you have to click somewhere on the path of the object. Define options for text formatting with the options Character or Paragraph.
  4. After defining the text format options, the text is written.
  5. Press the "Enter" key on Windows or "Enter" on Mac OS to start a new paragraph.
  6. When you have finished entering your text, click on the "Selection" tool to choose the text object. When you enter more text than it can fit in the text area, at the bottom is displayed un plus sign (+). If you want you can change the size of the text area, this way you can see the overflowing text.

As you have seen, you can learn in a simple way and easy to use Text tool in Adobe Illustrator. We invite you to continue to visit our page and learn more interesting topics on useful tools.

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