How to use an Android mobile phone as a mouse or keyboard on a PC

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There are many situations where we may need an extra keyboard or mouse, the most common of which is when our peripherals fail. There is also another way to take advantage of ours Android to use them as a mouse or keyboard.

Using an Android mobile phone as a peripheral will allow us to remotely control our computers, so that we can manage everything from our mobile phone. In this tutorial, as in many others on our page, you can easily learn to use your mobile as a mouse or keyboard.

How to use an Android mobile phone as a mouse or keyboard on a PC

Our mobile phones are exceptional tools for multiple tasks, they are practically a small PC in our hands. In fact, you can also use both devices togetherFor example: You can use an Android to control a PC and that's what we're going to teach you today.

In addition to the above, the Android system also allows you to use your mobile as a remote control for a SMART TV, which you may want to take into account even if you own a device with these characteristics. Returning to the topic that brings us today, read the following information to use yours correctly mobile phone as a mouse or keyboard on your PC.

remote mouse

We can perform the aforementioned task via a useful application, we refer to Remote Mouse. With this App you can control your PC from your device Android, this application is distinguished by several factors and that is why we recommend it.

Remote Mouse it is very easy to use, it also has many positive ratings, which is why it is a safe and reliable App. The first thing to do is to download the application for both your Android device and your PC.

To download the program on Android, download it from the Remote Mouse Play Store. In the case of the PC application, go to the following RM address and click Get Now.

Learn to control your PC from Android with Remote Mouse

Manage a computer with your mobile it's very simple with this app and the running process is very simple. Follow the instructions below to use the remote mouse:

  • Once the application is downloaded, install it on yours PC, you will also need to have it on your device Android.
  • You must have your computer and mobile phone connected to the same Internet network (same router).
  • After verifying the above information, launch the application on both devices.
  • When you open the application on your PC, the IP of the computer will be displayed on the App screen. In the case of the mobile, you should be able to see this IP and the name of your computer.
  • To connect to the PC from Android, just press on your computer's IP.
  • Once connected, instructions will appear. To control the mouse from Android, navigate by sliding your finger on the mobile phone screen, in the case of the click it is necessary to press with only one finger, for the second click press simultaneously with two fingers.

After that you can  use your mobile as a mouse. The program also has many useful options, explore all the possibilities it has to offer us. It should be noted that although it is a great option, there are also alternatives such as Google, where by accessing the remote desktop of Google Chrome, you can use your computer remotely from your Android mobile.

Advantages and aspects to consider of Remote Mouse

Using this application is very convenient for multiple reasons, some of the highlights of Remote Mouse I'm:

Remote control

Using this application will allow you to control your computer from several meters away, something perfect for example to relax on the sofa and on the your bed while using your PC. This way you can watch movies, series and manage everything from your mobile.

Multiple functions

Remote Mouse is not only an application to use Android as a mouse, it also allows other functions. With the application you can open specific programs, control the volume and other factors, you also have access to the writing from your mobile.

You will need to have an Internet connection

Perhaps the biggest problem with this program is that you need to be connected to the internet, but what if you want to control your PC from your Android mobile remotely without the internet? Well, indeed it is possible, and by accessing the previous link you will find some alternatives.

Even so, this disadvantage of Remote Mouse doesn't make it a bad application, in fact it is one of most recommended options today.

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