How to Use Adobe Illustrator Vintage Poster Brushes - Step by Step

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Over the years and the constant development of technology, the process of creation of digital content it represents something ever simpler, thanks to the various tools offered by the different programs designed for this purpose.

When technology works in synergy with the ingenuity of the human being, capable of opening the doors of the imagination, it can develop ingenious projects. Popular designs and some a little old, like those in the Vintage poster.

Adobe Illustrator for vintage drawings

Adobe Illustrator, one of the most popular programs in terms of digital content design, has made available to its users a series of tools to be able to create creations with an older style.

If you have used Adobe Illustrator unaware of this type of function, today you can discover and learn this wonderful tool with which you can give that ancient touch to your design and stand out among so much modernism.

The design of the brush

To start using the tools that Adobe Illustrator puts at your disposal, you must first define the  drawing of brush for your vintage poster. To do this, you need to:

  • Use the shape tool to choose the shape you want to be part of your design. You can duplicate it two or three times and align it.
  • For these shapes to be within the brush options, you just need to select the "Brush Definition" option and click on the "New Brush" option.
  • When you create a new brush, a dialog box will appear allowing you to select its type or style, in this case, you will select the «Pattern brush» box.
  • Next, a new window will appear aiming to configure your new brush: ladder, spacing e distribution are the most important points to consider. You have a preview box to find the desired properties.

Poster design

Once you have defined the pattern brush that you will use in your design, it is time to proceed to frame or poster shape. To do this, you can use the shape tools again.

  1. Draw a shape on the artboard. The best would be, for example, a circle. That is, if you will include only one text in the text. This will be the example to use this time.
  2. Make sure the circle covers most of the page, it has no fill.
  3. Use the scroll tool to create a second line for this circle. To do this, go to the ribbon and click on the «Object» tab, then go to the drawing section and click on the scroll option.
  4. A window will open where you can set the offset distance. In this case, it is recommended to use an offset of 1 cm.
  5. Apply the pattern brush on the circle line you want. In this case, for example, select the inner circle and then go to the brush tool and select the one you just created.

Contents of the manifesto

Now that you have the main thing, it's time to put in the other elements that will be part of this poster. So, at this point, you can:

  • Enter some text, in the case of a poster with a motivational phrase, for example. Use the alignment and size tools to perfectly fit the drawn circle and then proceed with selecting the text color.
  • Set a background color for the inner circle, taking into account the color you added to the text. Review the content related to color psychology a bit to make a better selection.
  • It also selects the color of the outer circle outline. In general, it is recommended that it be the same color as the outline of the lower circle that has been changed by applying the pattern brush.
  • Use decorative symbols to complete your design.

Put it into practice!

This way you can surprise with your skills to create these beautiful posters. Remember, they can contain images or text. But this brush tool for creating vintage posters is really the ideal for motivational quotes or advertising for promotions.

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