How to use a ring or light ring to light up my selfies, photos and record videos with a tripod

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Now that we live in a digital age full of technology, we have an infinite number of tools that help us enjoy social networks much more. For example, when we use a camera, it is much easier to capture quality photos and videos in just a few steps. If you want to get it, but you don't know how to do it, we invite you to read and find out how to use a ring or ring of light to illuminate your selfies, photos and videos with a tripod

For some time now it has become very common for all those who like to upload their photos to social networks to have a ring of light. Now, it is not only necessary to obtain said circle, but to know how to use it correctly. Here we show you everything you need to do for use the ring correctly and then take the best photos and videos without any hassle.

How to use a light ring to light up photos, selfies and videos?

For anyone who is a fan of social networks and uses them on a daily basis, it has become more than clear that for many it is necessary to upload only the best photos and videos. And it's understandable, since who would want to upload poor quality photos to their profile? The good thing is, thanks to all the tools we have, it's very easy to take and edit photos like a pro.

For example, we have the famous ring or ring of light, which has long been on everyone's lips. There allows you to easily illuminate the focus of our photos and videos, also allowing us to give it different approaches, the one we like best and that suits us at that moment. 

But how can we use such a ring or ring of light? Well, here are some tips you can consider when using it, and so make the most of it everytime.

Tips for using the ring or ring of light

Thanks to the light ring you can take professional photos even with your mobile phone, since you can use it with it any kind of goal. First of all, it should be noted that to use the ring it is necessary to put the lens, a camera or a common smartphone, in the center of the ring of light. In this way the light will be distributed evenly and without problems.

Of course, you can play with the position of the lens on the circle to give a different angle and lighting to the final result. In addition to using ring light, you can play with other shades using the other lights in the room. Maybe you can put more flashes, making sure they have the right power so as not to obscure the light from the circle.

It must be understood that these are rings of continuous light, so they cannot be considered as a flash or a momentary light that only glows at the moment of the photo. The quality rings allow you to adjust the temperature or tone of the light, so we recommend that you adjust this option according to the result you want to achieve.

If you want to take perfect selfies or videos of yourself, try to put the ring in a comfortable place, where it lights up your face well and allows you to see the production clearly.

How to buy a ring or a ring of light?

There are several aspects that you need to take into consideration when choosing a ring of light for your personal use. First of all, you need to remember what the purpose of it is.

Whether you just want to take selfies and videos of yourself, or you want to make a large production, you have to choose the right frame. Aspects such as size, type of lighting, power, whether it be LED light or fluorescent tubes, will play an important role in the outcome of everything you do with the ring.

Of course, you can also take advantage of apps, such as using Instagram camera effects, and get so best results with the ring or light ring. We encourage you to keep experimenting with the wonderful ring of light and hope you will only get the best results.

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