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One of the most interesting assets that Badoo offers is the real possibility that every user of this social network can create a private photo album that is restricted to other users viewing, but it is allowed at the request of one or more users who deserve a special or deferential agreement for their sympathy or simple interest.

In this way, badoo members can add or upload private photos they want to share with someone special to feed their curiosity and by the way establish a closer communication for a special friendship or a beautiful love story which are the things that are sought on this social dating platform.

To fully understand what all these private photos consist of and how they can be uploaded to your profiles, I have prepared the following tutorial which expresses some things you should know before using this resource as well as the process of uploading, editing and maybe, in the future delete these photos if you find it convenient, I hope it will be very useful to you.

What is a private photo album on Badoo

A private photo album on Badoo is one or more photos that make up a profile folder of a user of this social network who for some personal reason has decided not to be seen by all users (i.e. published) and can only be viewed for who determines.

What kind of photos are uploaded to this private album

There are no terms or restrictions on the type of photos that can be added to this folder. That is to say, you can upload any kind of photos, however, due to private nature or public user censorship, most users add bolder photos which can arouse passions and feelings of the lucky user who can see them.

Private photos on Badoo | comments and suggestions

It is good to underline and record that before creating a private photo album think very carefully about what you want to show, as these photos can be very bold or boring and disappointing. You will be the person who decides which feelings you want to awaken.

Before granting a user permission to see your photos, I suggest that you get to know them as much as possible through a relaxed conversation in the chat, as some users just want to see the photos and are not looking for friendship or anything serious.

Having said the above, we will describe the process of uploading private photos to badoo and also some editing data to manage said private album.

How to Upload Private Badoo Photos | Step 1

As a first activity and as usual you will have to login to your badoo account entering the first page of this social network and then entering the respective data (email or telephone and password) to enter your badoo profile.

How to Upload Private Badoo Photos | Step 2

Already in your badoo profile you will have to go to the section or page of your profile photos and for this you will have to click on the button that says » Gallery » located to the right of your photo gallery (check the attached image).

How to Upload Private Badoo Photos | Step 3

Next, you will be able to observe the structure or organization of the different photo albums that you can have in your badoo profile and which are the profilo's photo a little further down, there are photos of you and your friends and finally, further down are the private pictures, this is where we should place our attention.

How to Upload Private Badoo Photos | Step 4

Paying attention to the section Private pictures, you'll see a camera icon on the gray box and some text that says Add photos or videos You need to click the mouse cursor on this tile and with this action a tile.

How to Upload Private Badoo Photos | Step #5

The displayed box titled Add photos or videos with restricted access offers you a range of possibilities which would be the following:

Upload photos or videos from your computer: This option allows you to upload photos that you have stored on your computer, flash drive, or connected hard drive.
Take a photo: this option can be valid when you have no photo and you want to take a photo with your webcam or with your mobile phone camera.
Import from: this is another alternative where you can import photos from any other social network that you have among those shown and which are Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vkontakte and another Russian network.

Further down the tile or window they tell you that in technical terms you can upload photos in JPG and PNG format that do not exceed 128M and you can add up to 500 photos.

Finally, choose by clicking with the mouse the most suitable option for you to add private photos.

How to Upload Private Badoo Photos | Step #6

In the case of this tutorial, the for option was chosen upload photos from your computer with a click on it and a window titled was opened file upload in which you can search for the respective photos on your computer or computer by selecting them by clicking on this and then, in the button apri of the same window and this will process the operation until the said photo is loaded.

How to Upload Private Badoo Photos | Step #7

With the previous action, a central window will appear where you can see the photo in thumbnail and the upload process until its completion.

If you want to continue uploading photos, just click Add more photos which is located at the bottom left of said window and you will carry out the same procedure as in step n. 6.
If you want to add text to this photo you can do so by clicking on Add a description located next to the thumbnail photo.
Finally, when you have added the photo or photos, you will proceed to click on the green button that says end and you will have your private photo album on Badoo, that was the whole process.

Edit private photos on Badoo

Now, I'll leave you with some aspects of editing those private photos that are good to know in order to manage your Badoo profile well.
If you look closely at your private photo album you will be able to see some tools which are:

  • On the top

Modification: This button above the photos is used to edit and give your photos an appropriate title you wish to give them.

  • in the pictures

If you hover the mouse cursor over any of the private photos, 3 icons will appear:
Left and right curved arrows: by clicking on these you can rotate the photo to one side or the other.
The cross: with a click on this icon you can delete a photo, but first a kind of cloud will appear where you will be asked if you really want to delete this photo? You need to click the button Delete to proceed to delete or erase that private photo.

  • Down

Add more: by clicking here you can add new photos to your private album.
Delete album: With one click, you can delete the entire private photo album.
Make this album public: with a click on this text all the photos you have in this private album will become public photos and all users will be able to view them, think about it if you want to do it and not feel violated later by some error or confusion.

Private photos on Badoo | last precautions

When a user asks you to request to see your private photos and you accept it, you allow that user to see those private photos at that moment, tomorrow and every time you access your profile in the photos section.

When you have a private photo album and you are about to add more photos to that folder remember, if you have previously allowed or allowed one or more users to see those private photos, you will allow those users to see your new private photos every time they enter in your profile and maybe, you don't want it or, you forgot about it.

In these cases, I suggest to cancel the request or permission to view private photos which appears when the respective permission is requested in the badoo chat box.

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