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No doubt, knowing how to upload photos to Pinterest is something fundamental  and that every user of this social network of stimulating images should know in order to be able to advertise certain interests or particular tastes that move him and with it inspire others in this global catalog of ideas. Well, in Practical Resources with this tutorial article we want to help all those who are taking their first steps on Pinterest or, for everyone who doesn't know how to upload photos to Pinterest and doesn't want to get lost or die trying … Next, We leave you the procedure so that you can finally know how to publish on Pinterest and thus awaken the inspiration of many.

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Upload photos to Pinterest | Requirements

First, two essential points must be clarified and stated which are necessary for uploading photos to Pinterest, which are as follows:

  • Have an account on Pinterest | Undoubtedly, to use this catalog of ideas called Pinterest, you must first create a user account or a business account and with this you will be able to use this service.
  • Create a card | After having an account, you need to create a bulletin board which is a kind of folder or album where you can upload or save the photos you find on the internet and, by the way, you can create a bulletin board to host photos of various topics or, very specific, to save photos of something that specifically inspires them, the freedom is yours. Now, it must be said that there is another option for upload photos to Pinterest and that is that someone who has an account has invited him to participate in a «shared bulletin board» which consists of a type of board where more than one Pinterest user can upload photos to it and with it you don't need to create a board to upload photos to Pinterest.

Having said that and clarified, I am going to describe the procedure to follow to upload photos to Pinterest.

Come caricare le foto su Pinterest | Step 1

Well, the first thing you have to do is enter your Pinterest account with your respective access data (email or phone number and password) and after doing this, you will go to your Pinterest profile by clicking on the gray human figure with a text that says «Saved» i.e. top right.

Come caricare le foto su Pinterest | Step 2

Well, already in the Pinterest user profile and having already created a board, they will then click on the text in a soft gray that says «Pin«.

Perfect, you are now in the section «Pin» of your Pinterest account and you will be able to see a dark gray box that has a red circle icon with a » + » and underneath it says » Save Pin » and then, click on the icon.

How to Upload Photos to Pinterest | Step 3

With the previous click, a small central window will open where they are told to specify where is the photo or image they want to upload to Pinterest, giving them the option to «Internet»Or«Your device». For the purposes of this tutorial on how to upload photos to Pinterest, the option «Your device«, which will logically allow you to upload a photo to Pinterest that you have on the computer you are using or, from your mobile phone or other device on which Pinterest is used.

By clicking on » Your device » another window will open where the choice to upload the photos to Pinterest is essentially confirmed and to continue then you have to click on the red button that says «Choose a photo«.

So now, the classic window named «file upload» where you can search for the photo and then click on it to select them and then click on the «apri» to upload said photographic material that you want to upload to Pinterest. At the moment it is not possible to select more than one photo and the process must be done one by one.

How to Upload Photos to Pinterest | Step 4

With the previous step, the photo will be uploaded and a window will appear where you can optionally write in «Tell us about this Pin…» something related to that picture being saved to Pinterest and on the right you will be able to view all the boards that have been created on Pinterest and will then have to click on the one they think this picture should be saved and the button that says «Save» will appear when they land on the option and click on it. By the way, if you realize that the photo you uploaded doesn't fit properly in any card you have, you have the option to create a card by simply clicking on the option that says «Create tab«.

Well, a new window will open indicating where the image was saved and they will have the option to close or «See now«. In case they click on «See now» will appear in the Pin section of their profile and it should be said that this option is good to use to be able to see the photo and also to be able to modify information or add some things that can enrich and further enhance the image saved on your Pinterest and for this tutorial , we did this.

How to Upload Photos to Pinterest | Edit Pins

So, after clicking on «See now» a window will appear where you can view the image, the description of the image (if it is made) and if things are ok, click on the gray human figure icon which says «Saved» at the top right (if you're on a desktop computer) or, if you want to change something, you can click on the button that says «Modification«.

So if they clicked on «Modification«, a central window will appear where they have the power to examine the information, modify and modify the following entries:

  • Dashboard: here you can easily change the board in which this photo is located and it can be done exclusively, if you have more than one board with a click on the triangle icon a menu will appear with the names of the boards and with a click on the indicated one , this option will be changed.
  • Technical Information: they will be able to modify, complete or omit a descriptive text of the uploaded photo. However, it is much better that it has a complete, attractive and interesting description so that other people can find such image and be amazed.
  • Website: They can add the address or URL of a website where that image is located or, which could be a site with relevant and complementary information worth linking to.

After verifying that all this order, they will click on the button «Save» and all the changes made will have been successfully saved.

That's the whole procedure on how to upload a photo to Pinterest and not die trying… Now, you know the procedure for saving photos on Pinterest and then you can upload all those photos that you want or that inspire you on your Pinterest Profile and so other people can discover and inspire them as much as you. Finally, we invite you to follow us on our Pinterest account Practical resources.

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