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Uploading a long video to Instagram Stories it's not something that Instagram allows in a simple way, so today we'll show you how upload long videos to Instagram Stories from its app and with third-party applications and exceed the limit of each Story.

Instagram is an application that it provides us with many social tools to share our daily or promotional content, we can upload photos or videos, we can upload these videos to Instagram Stories, but we must take into account that the duration of each The story lasts a maximum of 15 seconds, but we will see how to lengthen it.

On our site we have several tricks for Instagram Stories, but today we will see in detail how to upload long videos to Instagram Stories, i.e. videos that last more than 15 seconds.

Upload videos from the Instagram app

THE Instagram application itself allows us to upload videos recorded directly from the Instagram camera application. For the video to be longer than 15 seconds , we will only need to record it for more than that time.

Instagram will automatically cut the video after 15 seconds and start recording a new one, when we finish recording the full video, all the videos we recorded will be loaded one after another without cuts, being able to edit each part separately.

This is the easiest way to record a video and upload it to Instagram Stories when it's longer than 15 seconds, but what about videos that we already have in the gallery and are longer than 15 seconds? Coming soon, we tell you.

Use third party apps to trim the video

When we want to upload a video that we have in our gallery of more than 15 seconds, we will have to go to third-party applications, which allow us to edit the video and we can separate it into sections of 15 seconds to upload them to Stories later.

Story Cutter per Instagram

This app will be really useful for us to cut the video into several sections, when we install the app its use is very simple, we can record directly or upload a video from our gallery, which is what interests us.

  1. Scarica Story Cutter per Android
  1. When opening the app we will have to select "Gallery".

  1. Now let's choose the video we want to start.
  2. Subsequently, a window will appear in which we will have to select the different times in which we want each part of the video to last.

  1. La free version only allows us to choose «10 seconds», so if we want 15-second videos we will have to pay €3,89 for the full version.
  2. Despite this setback, we will be able to do our job, which is upload a long video to Instagram Stories, but this will be in 10 second sections.
  3. When we have cut the video, we can see it and press the «Instagram Story» button directly from the app.

  1. The last step it will select the parts where the video was cut and publish the story, in this way we will have uploaded a long video to Instagram Stories.

Out of all the third-party apps we have for editing videos, we'll show you a list of the best apps for this task, dividing the video into multiple parts of up to 15 seconds in length:

  1. Download Story Splitter - Longer Stories for iOS
  1. Download Video Splitter for iOS
  1. Download Video Splitter for Android

Upload long videos to IGTV

IGTV allows us to upload videos as if it were YouTube, i.e. the Instagram app itself has a function where we can upload long videos and save them in our IGTV profile.

  1. Click on your profile picture icon in the bottom right.

  1. Now click on the icon "+".

  1. Select the option «Video IGTV».

  1. Select the video you want from your gallery.
  2. Finally , upload the video, and it automatically creates a First Seconds Story so you can show it to your followers from your Instagram profile.

Now that we know how to upload long videos to Instagram Stories, all you have to do is try the different options and apps available to be able to upload as many videos as you want to your profile and thus create longer and higher quality content.

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