How to update your Xiaomi to MIUI 11: all the steps

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Today we will show you how to update your Xiaomi to MIUI 11, the company's new level of customization which, fortunately, can be on your device through a fairly simple process, as it is Xiaomi himself which provides the means for us to update our device in an easy way.

Therefore, if you want to update your Xiaomi to MIUI 11, let yourself be free for a few minutes and charge your device to at least 80%, as it is essential so that there are no problems during the installation process.

First step: download MIUI 11

Obviously, the first thing you need to do in order to update your Xiaomi to MIUI 11 is to download the layer version - if it's already available - for your device, and that's something you can do in two ways.

Download MIUI 11 from the update

Xiaomi, like many other manufacturers, has decided years ago to introduce an application that specifically serves to view and manage updates downloads the level of customization that the company is launching over time.

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To access it, search for the "Update" application and press the "Check" button. Once this is done, it will search for the latest version for your terminal, and if there is one available that is not installed, the application will download it.

Download MIUI 11 from the Internet

On the other hand, you also have the option to download MIUI from the Internet, through the MIUI website, where Xiaomi provides you with the software of all its terminals, so you can download and install it whenever you want.

you can find all ROMs of Xiaomi mobiles on the company's website. . To download the version corresponding to your mobile, search for it and click on it. Once done, all you have to do is press the download button and insert the file in the local memory of your smartphone.

Second step: insert the file on your mobile and install it

You already have the downloaded file in your terminal. If you did it using the first method, with the "Updater" application, once downloaded, the download button will change and say "Update" or "Install". Well, press that button and wait, you will soon have MIUI 11 on your device.

If instead you did it by downloading the ROM from the internet, first you will have to transfer it in the internal memory of your device by connecting it to your computer and transferring it. If you downloaded it directly from your smartphone, you won't have to do anything.

Once you have the file in your device's internal memory, all you have to do is go to the "Update" application, and once there, view the menu at the top right and click "Choose upgrade package".

When you do, a file explorer will open and you will need to search for the file you downloaded, which will have a .zip extension. When you have found it, click on it and click OK to start the update process.

Hello, MIUI 11 is already in your terminal

At the end of the update process, you will have MIUI 11, keeping your data in the terminal. To see all the news that the manufacturer lists, you will only have to go to the application from which you updated, view the menu and click on the button "Announcements?".

MIUI 11 is the best version of MIUI we have seen so far and it includes many new design features and performance improvements that will make your Xiaomi faster than MIUI 10. Also, the level is a bit lighter and more minimalist thanks to the groupings of applications that Xiaomi has created. Now, enjoy your Xiaomi with MIUI 11!

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