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As we all know Whatsapp Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app in the world and having the latest version is the best way to keep the app updated and it also offers more benefits every time it is updated. Read on and find out how to update whatsapp for free.

With each new update you will have new security and privacy measures in the version of WhatsApp that you have installed on your tablet or smartphone with Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, or even in the web version, with both Mac and Windows.

Why is it so important to download and install the latest WhatsApp update?

Nowadays it is almost impossible to live without this incredible app, because WhatsApp Messenger has become much more than an application to communicate with friends, rather it has already become a part of daily life and a new way of communicating. That's why every now and then a new version of this application comes out, whether it's a beta version or a stable version, yes, always with new surprises.

These are the new features and tools included in the latest version of the Application:

  • Share hyperlinks
  • video conference
  • new states
  • Location
  • Voice Messages
  • Endless list of fully updated emoticons
  • Listen to audio in chain
  • Watch YouTube videos while chatting – Picture in Picture (PiP)
  • Turn on vacation mode

In short, it offers endless new features that make this instant messaging app unbeatable. If you are one of those who like to always be updated and you need the latest version of WhatsApp, you are in the right place, here you can download the latest updates of your favorite messaging application for free.

Updating WhatsApp is not only important for new features, but also for something much more important: security and privacy, because every time this application is run, antivirus systems are updated, and thus you can have a much better, safer and more reliable application.

In many cases, WhatsApp Messenger cannot be updated for various reasons; either because the download website is down, because of errors in the app, or because the mobile device crashes directly, this is not a cause for concern, since there are several alternatives to know how to update WhatsApp for free in case it occurs one of these errors and the best is that here we will tell you everything.

How to update WhatsApp for free from Google Play for Android?

If you want to download and install the latest WhatsApp update for your Android phone for free, the quickest and easiest solution is to do it via the Google Play Store icon in the Google Play Store. We will go step by step and with guide images so that things seem much easier.

1- Automatic method

  1. You have to open your app and if there is a new version, you will be notified automatically and a message will appear:
  1. You have to click on «OK» and install the new update following the steps indicated, it's easy, although in some cases there may be problems that we will solve later.

2- Direct method

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Android

Another option is to go directly to the Google Play Store, in the search engine you have to write «WhatsApp Messenger» or access the download links that appear below. You can see that there are two buttons, the first one says «Uninstall» and another who says «apri«, this time there isn't the latest version, if it existed, instead of «Open» it would put «Update«.

Well, if you're lucky and if there is a new version, press «Update» and the download of the app will start automatically, the download speed will depend on the internet connection you have at that moment, however it won't take long either. Well, now you have the new version up and running on your Android phone, it's that simple!

3- One more trick

1- One way to know which version is installed on your Android phone is to access WhatsApp:

Settings > Help > About the application.

2- In this section you can check the version number you currently have installed.

How to download the new WhatsApp update on iOS?

If you are a faithful follower of Apple products and own an iPhone model with iOS operating system, you can download and update WhatsApp for free in Spanish from the App Store, so I leave it explained below with images so you don't have any problems.

1- Automatic method

1- As in the Android system, the application will notify you if there is a new «updating» ready to install, when you open the app, you will be notified with the following message:

2- You must accept and start the download and then the installation, the speed of the update process on the iPhone will depend on the speed of your Internet connection.

2- Direct method

Download WhatsApp Messenger for iOS

You can check if a new version of WhatsApp for iOS is currently available by accessing the App Store. If it exists, you would get a button with the word «Update«, otherwise just the word «apri«. You have to click on the button «Update» and then follow the previous steps, and voilà, you already have the new features and novelties of your favorite application to communicate with your friends.

3- One more trick

If you want to reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone, regardless of the model you have, the first thing you have to do is uninstall the app, always and to be safe, you should make a backup copy, you never know when the internet connection may go down or data.

Then you have to press the WhatsApp icon that appears on your phone screen for a couple of seconds, this icon starts vibrating and a red cross appears, click on it and like this you can delete it and then install it in automatic method.

How to update WhatsApp for free on Windows Phone?

If you use a mobile or tablet that works with Windows Phone, you can update without any problem by following the steps that I will indicate here, as always there is no single way to do it, so we are going to see different options so that you can download and install whatsapp on your phone with windows phone and then update the app 100%.

1- Automatic method

1- Usually, your favorite messaging app will automatically notify you that there is a new update when you open it on your Windows phone with the following message.

2- If you agree, just accept and the download will start automatically and then it will be installed. Note that it is best to update when connected to a Wi-Fi network as the process will be much faster.

2- Direct method

Download WhatsApp for Windows

If you access the Microsoft Store, you can update independently and automatically, just click on Other (…) in the Microsoft Store, a menu will then appear that will take you to where it says «Settings«, once click check for updates and if a new version of the WhatsApp app appears at that time, you can update it without any problems.

3- Additional trick

If you receive a numeric error code or if you see the message «Attention required» o » In waiting for Wi-Fi connection » while downloading WhatsApp to update it, go to the Microsoft Store, tap «More…». Then a drop down menu opens for and you should go to Settings then App updates and then check the card Settings.

Perhaps it is configured incorrectly and you need to change some data. If you have followed the procedure correctly, you will be able to update WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone without any problems.

In several cases, downloading and installing WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store can cause various problems, in fact many of them are due to incorrect configuration of the Live user and/or password to access the Microsoft Store.

In these cases, it is best to contact them directly Microsoft support and tell them about the problem, as the error is coming from Microsoft and not the app you are downloading or updating.

How to install and update WhatsApp Web?

Now that you know how to update WhatsApp for free, let's now see how to do it with the web version. Much has been said and written about Messenger about this version, its advantages and disadvantages, its pros and also its cons, but there is no doubt that there are many people who, for convenience or for work, are active members on a daily basis of the web version of WhatsApp. Either in its version for Windows systems or for Apple PCs that work with Macs.

That's why we're going to tell you how to update the web version of WhatsApp to the latest version for free, come on!

1- Update WhatsApp Web for Windows

On your Windows PC, start by opening the desktop version of the app at If you have not yet synchronized your mobile version of WhatsApp with the web version, all you have to do is go to your phone app, press the 3 dots icon that appears in the upper right corner near the magnifying glass , so you have to press where it says Whatsapp Web and this will give you the ability to scan the QR code that appears on your PC screen. And that's it, you will automatically have a desktop version available to communicate from your PC.

Download WhatsApp Desktop for Windows

After the synchronization, if there is a new update, it will automatically appear, like in the mobile version of WhatsApp Messenger, with the following message: «Update available – press to update WhatsApp» and you must follow the same steps as for the update on Android or Iphone. WhatsApp Web is updated very often, so for security reasons and to stay up to date try to always update!

2- WhatsApp Web Update for Mac

First of all, you need to check which Mac version you have installed on your PC, as WhatsApp Web version only works with OS X 10.9 and above. Well, once this check is done, the way to synchronize the application with the PC is the same as in Windows.

To be able to check if there are new updates, all you have to do is open the WhatsApp site from your Mac and if the message appears «Update available» you have to click and it will automatically switch to the new version with all its new features and security systems.

Download WhatsApp Desktop for MAC.

Updates for other devices and platforms

As expected from this direct messaging app which is the most downloaded and used in the world, it assumes its use on different devices, so for those users who are using mobile phones like blackberry.

Update WhatsApp for BlackBerry

Update WhatsApp for BlackBerry here

How could it be otherwise, BlackBerry users can also use the messaging application as well as update it to the latest version.

To update this app on BlackBerry, it will only be possible from the browser installed on the BlackBerry device if it is configured with your valid ID, for this you must follow the following sequence:

Browser > Impostazioni browser > Browser > Browser Internet

Make sure you have this point correct, you must go to the button above to download WhatsApp, if you already have it installed and want to know if an update is available, this information will appear automatically when you open WhatsApp on your BlackBerry.

Although in that case, you just have to secure and update it manually, you have to manually check the latest version available, if the version is higher than what you have, you can update it from there.

Additional trick:

You can also download and update WhatsApp Messenger via BlackBerry World.

You must have at least these minimum requirements:

  • BlackBerry OS 5.0 or later
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) o BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)

How to update WhatsApp on a Nokia S40?

You should know that the version of WhatsApp for Symbian Nokia S40 is no longer available. But you should know that these types of downloads and updates are compatible with those devices running Symbian S60, such as Nokia phones and some Sony Ericsson or Samsung models.

You need to connect directly from your Symbian phone browser to download and install the new update. To download or update WhatsApp on Nokia mobiles, simply click the button above and follow the given steps.

Minimum requirements:

  • Unlimited data contract
  • Nokia 40 series mobile phones
  • Nokia C3-00 / Nokia C3-01 / Nokia X2-01 / Nokia X3-02 / Nokia X3-02.5 / Nokia X2-00
  • Nokia Asha: 201/205 Chat Edition/206/208/210/300/301/302/303/305/306/308/309/310/311/515/500/501/502/503/230

 How to download and update WhatsApp for my tablet?

You should know that this type of update will depend on the operating system you are using on your tablet, so the correct way to install the latest WhatsApp update on your tablet is to know which operating system you are using, be it Android, iOS or Windows. Then you should read above how to update WhatsApp for free according to your system.

How to download and update WhatsApp Plus for free?

When we talk about WhatsApp Plus we are talking about the external and unofficial modification of this application, so it will be absolutely impossible to download or update WhatsApp Messenger Plus from any official MarketPlace, be it Play Store, Apple Store and others.

It is true that this Plus version has more options for both customization and integration, so it provides more tools than the original version of WhatsApp. To download and/or update it, you must have the WhatsApp Plus APK file available.

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