How to turn your mobile phone into a car navigator

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The "GPS" devices that contain the complex automotive systems within them allow us to view the area in which our vehicle is located on a digital map of our city, region and even country; this is what we refer to when we talk about a car navigator.

Due to the current technological development, it is not necessary to have a car of the latest generation to have a GPS device, which shows us the position of our car and allows us to establish a route to reach a certain place. With ours Cell we have the possibility of having an excellent car navigator.

Because «Android Auto» is the best car navigator app

It's easy to get, as it is an application available in the Play Store of our Android phones; offers us an easy-to-use interface, with drop-down menus and large icons, which give us a better field of vision when using a car navigator.

It has the great advantage of being combined with other navigation applications, like Google Maps, because "Android Auto" uses the map to navigate other applications.

It is a complementary application to the others, as it allows us to observe the navigation instructions in detail and also automatically identifies the best alternative to avoid excess traffic; It also has voice control, so the driver can pronounce orders with his hands on the wheel.

It is an application that allows us to navigate from any car ; We just have to download it, install it and place our mobile device on the windshield or dashboard of our car, but how do you do it?

How to turn your mobile device into a car navigator

To convert your mobile phone into a car navigator quickly and easily, you need to follow the following 5 steps carefully:

  1. On your mobile, open the Play Store and type » Android Auto « in the search bar, click on the search magnifying glass.
  2. Once you see the list of applications found with the name we write, we choose the one with a triangle with a inverted V-shaped blue stripe and a gradient background.
  3. Once the option is selected, in the new tab that opens the store, we will locate the green button that says «Install» and we will press it ; then the download of the application will start.
  4. We make sure that our car does not move, to open the application and set an address in the "route" option.
  5. The GPS of the application automatically detects the area we are in. By establishing a path, the path from where we are to the destination we choose will be marked.
  6. For this, we must have a base on the dashboard or windshield of the car to place our mobile with the application active, so we can better appreciate the navigator with the route, as shown in the following illustration.

Now you know that by installing the Android Auto application from the Play Store and having a base on the dashboard of your car, you can turn your mobile into a practical and reliable car navigator.

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