How to turn the volume up or down on a video in Camtasia Studio

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But what about the people who still don't know how to use programs like Camtasia, are not aware of the different options available for the program? I am not aware of such simple options as recording, editing and rendering a video in Camtasia Studio. They are data that represent easy to understand information for a veteran, while for a beginner it is something very complex.

It is for this and many other reasons that veterans and people who understand how to use the different functions of the program spend some of their time clearly teaching how learn how to use the program, so that in this way we can see more interesting and educational content.

What is Camtasia Studio?

Let's start by knowing what Camtasia really means, it's a program whose main goal was the creation of video tutorials and presentations through the Screencast method (digital recording of the output on the computer screen).

Although the program over the years has had other goals for users, such as recording computer video game tutorials, installing applications, and explaining how to use them. And it was even used in programs music to register the created songs.

What feature does Camtasia have?

Camtasia is a program with a large number of functions, which allows its users to have efficient control during registration and customization of own videos in the program.

Among which we can mention the playback of files of any size, easily darken or lighten a video, speed up or speed up a video, insert text into a video, good accuracy to capture motion on the screen, share video options at home or study via LAN or internet and among many others.

Camtasia Studio compared to other programs?

Sometimes it is important to make a comparison to know if downloading the programs we are studying is a good idea or not. This is because Camtasia studio isn't the only program on the whole web that allows you to record your screen on the go.

We can see programs like CamStudio which has a very similar name which tends to confuse users who want to download Camtasia and end up downloading this program, the good thing about this program is that it is free.

C'è anche il Jing, which is also incredibly a project developed by the creators of Camtasia themselves, which is even free for all users. But the problem like the other program is that it has limited use in terms of the functions found in the program.

In a brief summary we can say that Camtasia is the most complete program when it comes to recording videos, given its rendering and editing capabilities, which by far has a huge advantage over other programs on the Internet.

How to raise, lower or lower the volume of Camtasia Studio?

So the first thing we need to do is enter Camtasia Studio and open the video or recording whose volume we want to change; Upon opening, we will see that some tabs will be shown below, within these tabs we have to look for the one it says audio.

When we select the sound card, we will appreciate that different options will appear in the box on the right. In the seven boxes that appear; the top two are used for increase or decrease the volume and the one on the right alone is used for cut completely the audio.

Even simple activities like increase or decrease the volume of a video are complex for someone who is not really experienced with the program; and therefore it is necessary that this information be found on the internet and can clarify the doubts of users.

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