How to turn or transform your cell phone into a water cell phone - Use your cell phone underwater

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Mobile phones are more and more advanced and many of them already have the ability to withstand water at certain meters of depth, which is beneficial to immerse it to take pictures and use it in places with water without worrying that when it falls it may be immediately damaged.

But sometimes there are cell phones that are still without this water resistance privilege and hence it is necessary to follow the guidelines along with the accessories that help us to transform your mobile device into water resistant. You can also get waterproof waterproof Bluetooth speakers ideal for the swimming pool, which you can connect with your Android mobile.

How to turn your mobile into a water mobile?

  1. First we need to find out if our mobile device actually is waterproof or not and after knowing it we can determine what to do.
  2. If it's not waterproof, we can use one special case to enclose the phone and thus be able to transform the phone into suitable for immersion in water.

Cover for mobile devices for water

Aukey PC-T5, is a case that can be obtained from Amazon and guarantees its durability over time and above all respects the main idea which is to take care of the mobile device when it is immersed in water.

It's a tough option, IPX8 certified and waterproof with a professional sealing system.

Made of material Transparent PVC, supports a maximum phone size of 8,5 x 15,5cm and a maximum weight of 91g / p. With rotating closure on the sides to ensure maximum sealing.

PunkCase is a protector of another style, where it would not be a waterproof bag, but a protective case that will allow us more than just an accessory to complete its use in the water.

Dust resistant, waterproof with a professional seal that withstands submersion up to 20ft and blocks dirt, the dust if you like to go camping or take diving lessons.

We are not just talking about a back, the front also has a clear protection resistant to scratches, bumps and also integrates the seal to get the immersion.

With a higher price but offering premium quality in protecting your mobile device, on Amazon we get it for 36 euros.

Its installation is very simple since it is a cover in the shape of a case and in this way to protect our mobile device.

With these accessories we can make our device mobile totally submersible and being able to use it in the water so that we can take those attractive and fun pictures in the pool or in the sea without worrying about dust or water which can damage your cellphone.

With this guide of tips that we offer you, you can get options for your pocket and to offer your mobile device the best protection against water and in the second case also against dust and scratches.

In this article we offer you two options that will represent a change for your devices and you will be able to get those photographs from social networks in the water and be able to use them while swimming or enjoying an afternoon at the beach without worrying about the water. or sand, is an extremely important idea to keep in mind when going on vacation.

We hope you have learned how to transform or transform your cell phone into a water cell phone.

If you want more guides with ideas and tips to get the most out of yours mobile devices, guides on how to make a video with photos and music with your mobile device and much more, you can learn by staying on and continue learning how to create or download important tools for your devices for free and explained step by step.

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